a beginning

Well, here it is.

I finally got some time to officially begin this blog.

I went where I needed to go today. I cleaned up the dog crap when I got back. (I think he has the stomach flu…) I got a bunch of ingredients into the crockpot, so hopefully it will look like dinner sometime tonight.

And now I’m finally sitting on the bed enjoying some moments of quiet (puppy #2 is being unusually quiet) in the soft gray light of this gray afternoon, finally able to think clearly enough to begin.

I was grocery shopping several days ago, when a very strong desire hit me while staring at the many kinds of dishsoaps there are to choose from. There wasn’t anything particularly lovely about the dishsoap, but I felt like I was escaping from the constistently growing crowd in the grocery store because no one else was in the dishsoap isle. Somehow I felt like I’d succeeded in a gaining a moment to breathe, a moment to pause, before the race began again. It was in that moment that I decided I wanted to write about this adventure that I’m embarking on.

To explain that, I’ll have to back up a little more. I live in a town I’ve lived in too long. (Though I will say that I completely trust His intentions for me and His plans for my life. ) I could go into details about just how long this move has been in the background (or foreground) of my mind and even how the specifics have all been planned out at times, only to never see anything happen the way I planned it, but what really matters now is that it’s finally happening for real.

My best friend, Lindsey, and I thought, hoped, dreamed, planned, and prayed, and the time has finally come to say goodbye to this state, this town, this job/this school, and move across the country for a fresh new start….a chance at living a better story…..to experience new adventures….and to take more steps to consistently live life to the fullest!

I read this book a few weeks ago called A Million Miles, by Donald Miller. (read it) It’s all about taking real steps to live a better story with your life. It affected me a lot because I love to read, and I love how He shapes amazing stories in the Bible and out of peoples lives. I want my life to be an amazing story. I want to be as brave as Frodo when he stepped out his front door to carry the ring somewhere he’d never been before. He didn’t know what kind of adventure he was going to have, but his world was a lot better off because he chose to have it. I want to be as curious as Alice when she decided to actually try the botttle that said “drink me” and eat the cake that said “eat me”. I want to be as welcoming as Dorothy when she invited the Scarecrow, Tinman, and the Cowardly Lion to join her on the yellow brick road. I want to be as passionate about the truth as Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego were right before they were thrown into a blazing fire. I want to have fierce loyalty like Ruth. Love like Jesus…

Regular people, regular characters (except for the last one there…) who made choices to live a better story, to stand for something bigger than themselves.

And this is my first step. Our first step. (yes, Lindsey read the book too) A move across the country may not seem big to some, but it’s a huge step in so many ways for us.

Obviously this decision doesn’t come without much thought and prayer and discussion, and the journey can’t be made without a whole dang lot of work…

…back to the dishsoap isle….

I’ve been surrounded by the whole dang lot of work part lately. Ever since we decided to put our house up for sale, it’s been like one mad day after the other. That particular day I was grocery shopping, and I had a to-do list longer than the time in one day. That pause in the dishsoap isle was like a swimmer’s head coming out of the water during a race for me.

I decided I would start a blog while staring at the Palmolive.  That desire that sprang up while staring at shades of pink orange and blue, was to commit to writing in a blog that helps me take that pause I long for more often, but most importantly, that allows me to chronicle this journey of learning how to live a better story one day at a time.

I’d love for you to join me, to be a witness to the highs and lows, joys and blows, of trying to take those steps toward a better story. (maybe you’ll take some steps toward a better story of your own too….send me a comment!)

For now, I’m going to finish this up and attempt to take a little nap. After all, this gray-day lighting creates a lovely mood for napping…

1 thought on “a beginning

  1. Love it! I’m so inspired to live a better story… wait, I’m in your story. Looks like we’ve already begun. Ready…Go! (who has time to get set?)

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