Snowflakes and gasoline

There were snowflakes in the air all morning. They didn’t really stick anywhere, but they were beautiful just the same. They made me think, of course, of the northern direction in which we’re moving. I’m constantly trying to adjust myself as the process goes on. Of course when I put it that way it sounds like a horrible operation, but I am looking forward to a colder climate again.

In other news, my car broke down again today. A couple of weeks ago someone decided to pour sugar into my gas tank (in our church parking lot). I know, mean, huh? I don’t have any idea who it was or why they did it, but I do know that it really screwed up my car! We thought it was sufficiently fixed, but we were wrong. It died in the middle of the road today. Mid-acceleration. It is a very cold day today, but we weren’t far from home. Maybe a thirty minute or so walk. Of course, I did have all my school books because Lindsey was returning me home from school since our other car is in the shop as well. A couple of Policemen types stopped by to help us push the car out of the road and then God sent a lady from our Bible study driving by at the exact same time. She gave us a ride home. :) I was so excited. What a gift from God that He didn’t have to give to me today! I was so blessed by that. I would have walked, mind you, and I would have sealed the experience in my mind as another precious memory with my best friend, but it sure was nice to get in another heated car and watch the hills to our condo fly by under the wheels.

All this to say, Lindsey and I are once again without cars. It’s amazing how thankful you become for your car when you don’t have one to drive. I mean, I was already pretty darn thankful for mine, but now I treasure those wheels and that engine and that ability to run errands and get to and from places even more!!

An appraiser came by the house this afternoon. I thought this was a very good sign because it means things are continuing to move forward toward the sale of this condo. What an excitingly scary thing! March 30th is the close date. Not very far away at all. We’re going to Kroger late tonight to pick up boxes for packing. I think it’s funny they make you come late at night to retrieve them. I was hoping they would just hold them until the morning, but I think it was just wishful thinking.

Honestly, I’ve gone through this process so many times over my lifetime. Anyone would think I wouldn’t be too overwhelmed by it all, but that’s just wishful thinking too. It’s always a  disturbingly exhausting and fabulously exhilarating process. :)

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