almost the weekend

I’m sitting in class just now. We’re talking about grammar errors and how much they bother us as English majors. I  think it’s so funny that we find such humor and camaraderie in our obsession with good grammar. I suppose it’s easier to point out in the south with the way the majority of people talk. I love fragments though. Beautiful. Short. Non-sentence like fragments. They are fun to play with. Outside of the academic world of course….

That’s one reason this blog is so much fun! I love free writing. I enjoy formal writing too, but free writing is just so much fun. I love to do it. I love to just write and try not to think about errors. I love to just play with words and enjoy how they run out of mind and into my fingers. Sometimes I lie awake in the night and write books in my head just because I love to put words together so much.

One of our cars was returned to us fixed last night. The family mechanic felt so bad about the car part breaking 2 days after he originally fixed it that he didn’t charge us for fixing it again. AND….he drove the car back to us since we had no way to pick it up….also free of charge! What a blessing!

I spend so much time researching lately. Researching for school…reasearching for the move….I’m eager for this stage to end. At least in the move arena….I’ve got another year of the school part….but I’m ready for more action in the moving department. At least I think I am. Once I’m attempting to pack the house we’ll see how I feel.

I will end this blog in the midst of my feelings of being suspended in mid-air. Waiting on the world to change…

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