Another step

We put a deposit on an apartment in Dalton today. It’s not the world’s nicest apartment. In fact, it’s not very nice at all, but it will do for the 2 months we need it. It’s a necessary sacrifice for the adventure ahead of us! Thankfully it’s a furnished place that rents by the week so we can move in when the paperwork on the house sale is done. I’m going to miss our condo! It’s such a beautiful quiet place where we’ve made so many fun memories. The change is worth the loss though and worth the couple months in a tiny, not particularly clean, apartment.

I really do love this condo. What a privilege it’s been to call it home. It has such a lovely back yard that my family helped to landscape. I love the swing we have back there. I love the thousands of times that we’ve sat out there and sipped a beer and talked….all the times Lindsey’s grilled food for us and all the times the dogs have spent happily dashing around. It’s so quiet out there. I watch the sunrise from it almost every morning. (though the sun hasn’t been out very much lately) I love living up on a hill and within walking distance of the pool. We sure have had a lot of fun times in that pool. Lindsey and I love to go night swimming in the summer. No one else in the neighborhood wants to go swimming when it’s dark, so the last two summers the pool has been ours when the sun goes down. How fun! I love all the times I floated in the pool on my back looking at the stars or watching the sun set every once in a while. What a blessing! I’ve loved the kitchen in this house too. It’s so open (the windows open up over the back patio and out to the sunrise!) and I have quite a bit of counter space where I’ve practiced and perfected many a dish. Also such a blessing! I’ve just so thoroughly enjoyed living here. I’m so thankful to God for it.

I figure that now is the best time to start saying goodbye. To start remembering all the good times and looking forward to good times to come. I don’t want it to hit me all at once, so I’m inviting the changes to happen now inside of me even if they haven’t fully come to  pass literally.

Sometimes when I take a step in this journey it feels like a baby step and sometimes it feels like a giant leap. Today the step felt like a giant leap, and I feel like it’s setting more steps in motion already, but I’m trying to keep my focus where it should be and am reminding myself that God is the Author and Finisher. I’m so glad we don’t have to go through this without Him!

I’m also remembering deep in my heart that He has given me a spirit of power, love and a sound mind, and I can do all things through Christ!

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