So many places

Well, I haven’t written in a while. So much has happened! I hoped to have more time to write during the past few weeks, but it just hasn’t been like that. We left Georgia exactly 3 weeks ago today, traveled across several different states until we reached Denver. It was fun along the way.  Lindsey and I shared the truck cab with our two wonderful dogs, which went much better than either of us expected. It was incredibly life changing to drive away from a place I’d lived for so long with my best friend to a place we’ve been planning for and dreaming about for what seemed like so long. It was a beautiful thing when we first saw the Rocky Mountains and such an exciting moment when we drove into the Denver City limits.

We’ve been adjusting well since arriving. It feels like home, and we share moments of awe almost every day. It feels so unreal to be living in this beautiful city. We’ve been sampling some fun aspects of Denver, and one of the biggest highlights thus far for me was being able to see Imogen Heap, my very favorite artist/singer/songwriter at a theater that was in walking distance of our apartment. How amazing was that! I feel so thankful every day. I love so many aspects of living here, and I’ve enjoyed feeling more and more like myself.

I do miss my family terribly. I get to see Hannah in a month, and I’m very excited about that.

I have exactly 2 months until I start school. I’ve been there several times over the last couple of weeks, and I’m beginning to feel a little more comfortable there.

I want to write more, and I will. Later. :)

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