when in denver

Finally, another entry. I’m determined to write consistently, and hopefully this blog will benefit from that determination.

I sat in Barnes and Noble for a good hour or so the other day and read one magazine of my choice after the other. I can’t seem to read many books in Barnes and Noble, though I could look at the books forever. It just feels like someone or something might come a long and snatch the book away. I feel more like I should buy a book and leave with it clutched tightly in my hand and be somewhere far away from Barnes and Noble before I get to really open it and get into it. I don’t feel that way about magazines though… It’s really the perfect place to read a magazine. I don’t have to buy the magazine and there is usually a very comfortable chair somewhere where I can sit down and peruse the latest fashions or articles on dog training or pictures of places I’m dying to travel to. (Have you looked at the National Geographic’s travel magazine lately?) But this time I discovered something totally new to me: Magazines for Writers. How exciting! I wanted to buy the magazine, but being incredibly broke, I just decided I’m going to have to come back to Barnes and Noble to read the Writer’s Magazines more often. Anyhow, what I read reminded me that I need to be writing every day if I can, and this blog is perfect for such things!

Too many things have happened over the last 2 months for me to write down here, but this move to Denver was definitely one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I love it here. It is truly such a beautiful place. I feel as though the mountains have already become a part of me, and my heart swells with thankfulness every time I’m coming home from being away and see my city skyline come into view. Living downtown is everything I hoped it would be and more. There are amazing flowers everywhere we go, and we can walk just about anywhere. I’m in love with this place and I never want to move away from Colorado.

Things haven’t been all roses of course, but God is taking care of us as we navigate the hard parts.

It sure is nice having Hannah here. I really really love having her around. Right now she’s outside on the patio and just being able to hear her voice while she talks to mom is a comfort for me. She’s been especially wonderful at just right the times and I know it’s been hard for her to not have a job yet, but she does seem to enjoy it here too. I love sharing the beauty with her!

Today we’re going to a National Wildlife Refuge because today and tomorrow are free days for all National Parks and Refuges in the country. You should go! It’s also a wonderfully amazing day in regards to weather, and it beckons to be enjoyed!

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