Wednesday Wednesday

I’m sitting on the couch with a sweet little yorkie resting his head on my leg. What a precious little friend he is! He likes to keep me company all the time, and I think he’s just wonderful for that. (and many other reasons as well…lol)

I’ve got to stop judging myself I do believe. It makes living in peace so much harder. If I could learn to breathe more and go over and over things in my mind less then I think that would be a very a good thing.

I start school on Monday. This morning I spent a good portion of time trying to make sure I know what time to take the bus and which bus to get on and how many transfers I have to make to get home in the afternoon. It’s not quite as complicated as I first though, but it is rather complicated. Part of me is excited about a new school year with new teachers I’ve never had before and the opportunity to learn new things, and part of me is just wishing I could be walking the halls of Dalton State with my friends. Why couldn’t I move that school and all my friends with me! Heh

I am truly looking forward to the new teachers though. I want to learn new things from them and gain new perspectives on things. I’m hoping the teachers at Metro State will actually provide some inspiration and not leave me groaning and wondering why I’m paying to be taught by them. ha!

My head is hurting. Stress-related I’m sure. It’s amazing what stress can do to one’s body. Lack of sleep doesn’t help either, and I have so much on my mind that it’s difficult to get to sleep and stay asleep! The moment Lindsey gets up at 4 something in the morning to go to work my brain starts to race with the details of things I’m stressed about. I could use a lot of prayer right now, that’s for sure!

I think I’m going to start posting more pictures in this blog because pictures are fun, and I do see many interesting and unique things on a daily basis. Why not share them! It’ll give me more to write about as well. :) Lindsey and I are being given a flip video from our bank, so maybe I’ll even post some videos too! Wouldn’t that be fun? hehe

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