first day of school

My biggest adventure of the day: I dove in to the first day of school! It went quite well, I might add. I was seriously nervous this morning on the way to school, but my nervousness turned into a content relaxation about 30 minutes into class. Something in my brain clicked, and I remembered it was just college, something I’ve done quite well for the last 3 years. But! My very favorite part (and what really contributed significantly to my relaxation) was the fact that I was one person in a huge number of people. This was not the case at Dalton State, my last school. I loved my little group of fellow English majors, but it would never fail that I’d see several other people I knew and wasn’t keen on talking to when I was there. I realized as I was walking to the car from class that I was next to invisible on such a large campus, and it made my day. Not because I want to be anti-social, but because I love the fact that I can be in my own little world. I can make some friends, but also not be bothered by anyone if I choose, and that makes my introverted heart happy. :) I even took a few pictures while on campus today because I found myself so relaxed. What a great start to the semester!

There were a zillion students on campus as I navigated my way around (which thanks to earlier trips to school this summer was incredibly easy!). I tried to capture it, but I think I captured the two people in front of me the best :P

You can barely see the droves of people under the overpass. It was amazing! The population of students is very diverse as well, which I love. There are 3 colleges that share this campus, so that’s why the campus is so large and has so many students. I think it’s funny because I could be walking to class next to someone who doesn’t even go to my school. :P There is a fabulous old chapel on campus that I tried to capture, but I didn’t realize that a tree got in the way of the best part: the steeple! Ah well, maybe I’ll get a better picture later but for now….

Don’t you just love the guy with the rolled up t-shirt sleeves? ha!

Anyhow, when I got out of class, Lindsey took me to get a frosty at Wendy’s. There’s nothing like a twisted oreo frosty with your best friend to celebrate being brave enough to start in my senior year at a brand new school in a brand new city! So thankful for the God-given strength to pursue a better story with my life.

So now here I am…sitting on the patio enjoying the wind that constantly keeps Denver company…

with the cutest little lap companion…

…wondering what adventure God has for me tomorrow! Tomorrow I’ll be riding my bike to school and taking the bus home. I’m sure that will produce some great pictures and fun blogging material! For now, I’m going to go enjoy some pizza and a good movie and rest in a story well-lived today :)

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