It’s friday!

Well, it’s friday. I went to school today but ended up dropping the class for which I went. It was a photography class. I was taking it as one of my digital media minor classes, but alas, I took one look at the list of supplies needed for the class and after the total began to get near $500 I said to the Lord, well Lord, it looks like I’ll be dropping this class today, and then I did. ha! When money isn’t there, it just isn’t there. Because of that I had to figure out a different concentration path for my minor in Digital Media, but after some work and planning, I’m quite happy with the new schedule. God provides!

I’ve taken some cute pictures over the last couple days. (I love my camera phone)

Anyhow, the last couple days in pics…

Hannah and Lindsey looking so cute. Hannah doesn’t know it yet, but she’s on her way to the first of four interviews at the Four Seasons!

This has been my favorite snack of choice at school so I had to give it some props…

Loving on Bo…..isn’t he a cutie?

Then Hannah and I went (the second day) for her last 3 interviews where she came out victorious with a new job!

Waiting for Han in the four seasons. It’s gonna be a niiiiice hotel!!

Was waiting for the bus this morning, and I get so frustrated when the sprinkler wets the sidewalk and me more than the grass!

I took a picture (a crooked one at that) of the other chapel on campus that I think is just so pretty. Beautiful buildings make the atmosphere so much nicer.

more adventures and more randomness to come…

2 thoughts on “It’s friday!

  1. Yey for a job for Hannah! I enjoy being whipped out of my busy mama moments and brought to your world of college and adventure. INTROVERTS RULE.

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