cloudy days

The sky has been cloudy the last couple of days. It’s a nice contrast to the usually sunny days in Colorado. The days are getting significantly cooler here, and the leaves are beginning to turn colors. I just love fall so much. It’s such a wonderful blessing from God. He has the most beautiful ideas. ;)

So today and tomorrow are my last days working with Cedric. My next job begins Monday if all goes well. It’s pretty awesome the way it worked out that I wouldn’t have any gaps in between the 2 jobs.

This new job if I take it (I have a different interview tomorrow, so who knows what will happen? :)), has 2 boys that are a little older than cedric, so I won’t have to see near as much of this as I usually do…

That stuff just really gets everywhere no matter how hard you try to keep it in the baby’s mouth. I actually had to clean it off the wall the other day.

Anyhow, back to the cloudy days….

Yesterday was fabulous. Well, the weather was fabulous at least. Small group was wonderful too, but I was exhausted all day and someone stole Lindsey’s bike, which put a big damper on the day and evening. I kept my spirits up during the day by taking pictures of my stroll through the park with cedric. It was so relaxing, and he enjoyed it as always. :)

This duck was entertaining me…I love birds :)

I love the landscape in this park!

I think pink and yellow are such pretty colors when they’re on the petals of a flower :)

I’m thankful I’ve gotten to enjoy this park while getting paid. ;D

I had to take a picture of the first fogged up window of the season. :) I was cooking something to take to small group last night and because it was so chilly, this happened…

Every colored leaf I see and every bit of cool I feel and every other little sign that fall and eventually winter is coming just thrills me. I even saw a scarecrow and carved pumpkin today….we’re planning a trip to an apple orchard on Wednesday!! Isn’t that just wonderful? :)


rain drops

Well todays adventure happened after I got home from work. I enjoyed my day at work, but it was pretty much baby, food, diapers, more baby, nap time, bottle, more food, more baby, nap time, home. :D I like Cedric. He’s a cutie and a fun little guy. The people at his new school are gonna have lots of fun with him! I will say that we enjoyed the front patio…

And the back yard…

Anyway, back to the adventure…

I decided to take the dogs for a walk when I got home. Hannah, my faithful dog walker, was at work all day today, so it was my turn to step up and provide an outing for the puppy part of the family. My goal was to meet Hannah on her way home from work because I knew she would be getting off soon and walking home. The dogs and I started out and made it about 4 blocks or less when it started to rain. It hadn’t looked like rain really….it was one of those storms that can blow up really fast in Colorado (especially in the afternoons). I wasn’t sure if it would keep raining (though I could hear thunder), so I decided to keep going. I knew Hannah would be walking home regardless, and it wasn’t raining too bad, so I hoped for the best!  As I kept walking though the thunder got louder and louder until I was sure the lightning was cracking right above me. I called Hannah, and since she and I were almost to one another, I took refuge under a tree because little tiny Bo was getting quite wet. He’s so little, he gets cold really easily, so I was feeling bad for him. Hannah joined us soon and we decided to brave the rain out of the desire to be home again. We had a good 10 blocks to get home, so I found a way to keep Bo warm…

Hannah and Corin enjoyed the adventure with me despite the rain…

And yes, I made them pose in the rain, and my phone got all wet. I couldn’t let the opportunity to chronicle an adventure pass me by!

Needless to say, despite the cold (mostly for Hannah because Bo kept me warm :P) and the rain and the incredibly loud thunder, we had grand fun getting caught in the rain. :) And the dogs had fun running around our apartment like crazy when we got home in an effort to dry off. :D


So blogging this week turned out to be a lot more difficult than I had expected. I enjoyed reading so much during my little charge’s nap times that I would put writing off every time. And after 8 1/2 hours of nannying, I would come home wanting to relax and spend time with the girls and my dogs instead of sitting on the computer. Needless to say I took pictures with every intention of blogging day by day, so I have some catching up to do!

The majority of my week was spent taking care of a 9 month old little boy. It’s been a while since I’ve spent so much time occupied with bottles and diapers and naps and little baby giggles and screams. I fell into the routine of it pretty quickly again though. I found it very exhausting! Parents don’t focus 100% of their time on their kid, but they definitely want their nannies to do just that in most situations. I’m a major multi-tasker, so sitting with Cedric (yes, his name is Cedric) and doing only one thing at a time was a special challenge for me this week. I had to re-evaluate whether nannying that age was the right thing for me, and I found myself thinking a more interactive age might be more fun for me, but I was also aware of the fact that this family I had agreed to work for would still be in need of a nanny regardless of whether I need more stimulation during the day or not! God had already worked that out for me though, as I would soon find out. The parents were hoping to get Cedric into a Montessori School here in Denver, and low and behold (to their horror since they had just hired me) a spot opened up in the school starting October 4th. Yes, that means that my new job is about to be my old job, but I felt that the timing was perfect for them and for me because God understood that I might need something a little different. It actually struck me as a little funny because of that. It seemed to me that God was just looking out for me in a special way, and that made me smile.

So I’m on the job hunting trail again. I don’t think it should be too difficult because there are a million nanny jobs in this city, but I am going to be a little more focused about my search this time and hopefully find a better fit for my very active brain. :P

Cedric and I have enjoyed this park during my work day lately…

It’s such a pretty place, and I love being by the water. Cedric loves it too. I try to go every day because sitting in the park is so lovely.

That’s all for now because I really want to take Corin to the dog park for a bit. :)

Saturday fun

Today Hannah and I went to a fall bird festival at one of the many state parks in this area. We’d never been to this particular park before, so it was a fun adventure! It was a beautiful place, and we both really enjoyed it. We got to see birds in captivity and birds in the wild, and everyone knows how much I love birds! :D I was really taken with the amazing colors in the feathers of the hawks, owls, and golden eagle they had at the park. They each had some sort of accident that made flying and, therefore, surviving, impossible. It was so special to get to see these amazing birds up close! It was so bright outside, so my camera phone wouldn’t take the greatest pictures, but I tried anyway!

This hawk was very young and didn’t like all the people. He kept trying to fly away. We actually saw the same type of hawk flying in the sky while walking near the lake too! That was completely exciting of course. :)

This was the view…

I can’t wait to take our kayak on this lake! There are white pelicans, herons, geese, eagles, and hawks in this park along with some precious little songbirds that we also got to see up close.

I really enjoyed this fun little excursion to the prairie. I live in such a beautiful place. I’m so thankful! Now I’m off to cook a chinese dish at Hannah’s special request. ;) She loves my orientally flavored dishes. Yay!

Tomorrow I’ll be spending time with the family I’ll be working with beginning monday. I’m looking forward to it, but I’m not sure what to expect. I’ll write about how it turns out tomorrow!

Is it just me or is my life filled with little adventures? :) Love it!

New directions

Well, a lot has happened in the last few days. I officially dropped out of school on Tuesday and accepted a full time job offer this morning. It’s amazing how God works. I thought He would provide for us right now by getting Lindsey a full time job that pays really really well, but He had a different plan in mind. He actually got Lindsey another part time job, so she really will be working full time :P and He lead me to put school on hold for a bit and look for a full time job and in less then a week He provided one! I will be nannying full time for a precious little 9-month-old boy. What a new adventure for me! I am amazed at God’s timing and gifts. I’m definitely nervous as I walk into so much change, but I’m also looking forward to the great things that lie ahead because of hard work, trusting in God, and continuing to pursue a better story with my life! God is good :)

Hannah and I took a bike ride with the dogs this morning. It was so nice. I enjoyed the lovely breeze that we often enjoy here in Colorado. We put Bo in a backpack since he’s too little to run alongside. He loved it!

It was such a beautiful day and we all loved being out.

I’m glad that the house I will be working in full time starting Monday is right down the street from a beautiful park. I can go there every day if I want! :) I love being outdoors!

labor day morning

Hello to anyone and everyone :)

Today is Labor day. Because my family is so awesome, I have great memories of this day and all of the many picnics we’ve shared together. In honor of the traditional family activities, Hannah and I are walking down to the park soon to try and reserve a table for the day. When Lindsey gets home from work, she will join us and the grilling will commence! I’m very excited about this :) Today is supposed to be windy (but when is it not windy in Denver :D) with a high in the mid-70’s, so I’m sure it will be a lovely day to spend the majority of my time outdoors! I really am quite excited about this. It’s a grand adventure for the day!

I think I’ll bring this little green ball because Bo seems to have taken a fancy to it lately…

I must add that after waiting all summer for it’s deliciousness, I finally got some corn on the cob (on sale!), shucked it, cooked it, and thoroughly enjoyed it. :D Proof!…

And last night I was blessed by a lovely dinner out with my best friend where I enjoyed wine, Lindsey, the setting sun, and the wonderful colorado breezes. (oh yes, and a delicious blue-cheese and bacon burger with fries of course! wine with a burger? yes. I just love my merlots with just about anything;))

Lindsey had her beer of course :)

And I am enjoying myself…

What a lovely evening it was! Except for the fact that we couldn’t find a parking space anywhere close to our building afterward….everybody and their mother must have decided to park in capital hill to walk to the taste of Colorado downtown. :P Ah well, it was a lovely evening for walking too. :)

Now I’m going to load myself and hannah up with books, a journal, cards for card games, writing utensils, cameras, a frisbee, our lovely picnic blanket, food, water, dogs, and whatever else I might think of in the next few minutes and head out for a labor day adventure in the park!

43 degrees

That’s how cold it got last night here in Denver. It was a wonderful feeling to wake up in the cool air yet snuggled up and warm under blankets. I just love it. Eventually I got up and took the dogs out. I forgot to put a sweatshirt on, but the cool air was such a pleasant way to greet the day. I’ve been trying to blog for the last few days, but every time I sit down to do it, something interrupts me or distracts me. I have a bunch of pictures that chronicle the last few days adventures, but I think I’ll only share a few today. :)

I’ve had a lot on my mind lately. I’ve been praying about the possibility of putting school on hold for a bit (at least). God’s been prompting me about a lot of different things, and I’m trying my best to listen, communicate, and be open. I know He has a way to make everything work to my good and His glory! I’ve been playing this a lot to get my mind off of decision making…

Love my itouch because I can play it at school or on the bus or anywhere else too. Playing games always helps me relax. :) I’ve been studying this…

…which is fun because I’ve been wanting to read/study it since I was 10 0r 11 and saw a huge old copy of it in the library. I couldn’t understand a word of it at that age, but I wanted to for some reason. Now I own it and am studying it, and it fascinates me. I love to hear my teacher read it out loud. Her specialty is medieval literature, and she reads it like it would have been spoken. It’s so pretty!

I went to the library a couple days ago. I just love our library. It’s so large and so fabulous. I was on the second floor when I took these…

Even pictures of the library make me happy :)

I found Corin laying here a couple days ago…

He seems to like it (and bo does too). I guess it’s because it’s kind of out of the way, but I told him it won’t last long because we’ll be using the fireplace soon. ;)

On another note….I will miss all the flowers when the cold officially takes over. I walked by these yesterday and just had to stop and take a picture…

I just love these flowers so much! They are one of my favorite kinds of flowers, but then again, I like so many kinds of flowers. :D I’m confident the colors of the changing leaves will help make up for the inevitable parting with the flowers.

Anyhow, I dyed Hannah’s hair red for her last night. It looks so pretty! We had fun soaking in the hot tub and then trying something new for her. I love having her here. :) We’re about to head out and check out another apartment for her, so I’ll have to sign off for now. Looking forward to a relaxing day!