43 degrees

That’s how cold it got last night here in Denver. It was a wonderful feeling to wake up in the cool air yet snuggled up and warm under blankets. I just love it. Eventually I got up and took the dogs out. I forgot to put a sweatshirt on, but the cool air was such a pleasant way to greet the day. I’ve been trying to blog for the last few days, but every time I sit down to do it, something interrupts me or distracts me. I have a bunch of pictures that chronicle the last few days adventures, but I think I’ll only share a few today. :)

I’ve had a lot on my mind lately. I’ve been praying about the possibility of putting school on hold for a bit (at least). God’s been prompting me about a lot of different things, and I’m trying my best to listen, communicate, and be open. I know He has a way to make everything work to my good and His glory! I’ve been playing this a lot to get my mind off of decision making…

Love my itouch because I can play it at school or on the bus or anywhere else too. Playing games always helps me relax. :) I’ve been studying this…

…which is fun because I’ve been wanting to read/study it since I was 10 0r 11 and saw a huge old copy of it in the library. I couldn’t understand a word of it at that age, but I wanted to for some reason. Now I own it and am studying it, and it fascinates me. I love to hear my teacher read it out loud. Her specialty is medieval literature, and she reads it like it would have been spoken. It’s so pretty!

I went to the library a couple days ago. I just love our library. It’s so large and so fabulous. I was on the second floor when I took these…

Even pictures of the library make me happy :)

I found Corin laying here a couple days ago…

He seems to like it (and bo does too). I guess it’s because it’s kind of out of the way, but I told him it won’t last long because we’ll be using the fireplace soon. ;)

On another note….I will miss all the flowers when the cold officially takes over. I walked by these yesterday and just had to stop and take a picture…

I just love these flowers so much! They are one of my favorite kinds of flowers, but then again, I like so many kinds of flowers. :D I’m confident the colors of the changing leaves will help make up for the inevitable parting with the flowers.

Anyhow, I dyed Hannah’s hair red for her last night. It looks so pretty! We had fun soaking in the hot tub and then trying something new for her. I love having her here. :) We’re about to head out and check out another apartment for her, so I’ll have to sign off for now. Looking forward to a relaxing day!

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