labor day morning

Hello to anyone and everyone :)

Today is Labor day. Because my family is so awesome, I have great memories of this day and all of the many picnics we’ve shared together. In honor of the traditional family activities, Hannah and I are walking down to the park soon to try and reserve a table for the day. When Lindsey gets home from work, she will join us and the grilling will commence! I’m very excited about this :) Today is supposed to be windy (but when is it not windy in Denver :D) with a high in the mid-70’s, so I’m sure it will be a lovely day to spend the majority of my time outdoors! I really am quite excited about this. It’s a grand adventure for the day!

I think I’ll bring this little green ball because Bo seems to have taken a fancy to it lately…

I must add that after waiting all summer for it’s deliciousness, I finally got some corn on the cob (on sale!), shucked it, cooked it, and thoroughly enjoyed it. :D Proof!…

And last night I was blessed by a lovely dinner out with my best friend where I enjoyed wine, Lindsey, the setting sun, and the wonderful colorado breezes. (oh yes, and a delicious blue-cheese and bacon burger with fries of course! wine with a burger? yes. I just love my merlots with just about anything;))

Lindsey had her beer of course :)

And I am enjoying myself…

What a lovely evening it was! Except for the fact that we couldn’t find a parking space anywhere close to our building afterward….everybody and their mother must have decided to park in capital hill to walk to the taste of Colorado downtown. :P Ah well, it was a lovely evening for walking too. :)

Now I’m going to load myself and hannah up with books, a journal, cards for card games, writing utensils, cameras, a frisbee, our lovely picnic blanket, food, water, dogs, and whatever else I might think of in the next few minutes and head out for a labor day adventure in the park!

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