New directions

Well, a lot has happened in the last few days. I officially dropped out of school on Tuesday and accepted a full time job offer this morning. It’s amazing how God works. I thought He would provide for us right now by getting Lindsey a full time job that pays really really well, but He had a different plan in mind. He actually got Lindsey another part time job, so she really will be working full time :P and He lead me to put school on hold for a bit and look for a full time job and in less then a week He provided one! I will be nannying full time for a precious little 9-month-old boy. What a new adventure for me! I am amazed at God’s timing and gifts. I’m definitely nervous as I walk into so much change, but I’m also looking forward to the great things that lie ahead because of hard work, trusting in God, and continuing to pursue a better story with my life! God is good :)

Hannah and I took a bike ride with the dogs this morning. It was so nice. I enjoyed the lovely breeze that we often enjoy here in Colorado. We put Bo in a backpack since he’s too little to run alongside. He loved it!

It was such a beautiful day and we all loved being out.

I’m glad that the house I will be working in full time starting Monday is right down the street from a beautiful park. I can go there every day if I want! :) I love being outdoors!

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