Saturday fun

Today Hannah and I went to a fall bird festival at one of the many state parks in this area. We’d never been to this particular park before, so it was a fun adventure! It was a beautiful place, and we both really enjoyed it. We got to see birds in captivity and birds in the wild, and everyone knows how much I love birds! :D I was really taken with the amazing colors in the feathers of the hawks, owls, and golden eagle they had at the park. They each had some sort of accident that made flying and, therefore, surviving, impossible. It was so special to get to see these amazing birds up close! It was so bright outside, so my camera phone wouldn’t take the greatest pictures, but I tried anyway!

This hawk was very young and didn’t like all the people. He kept trying to fly away. We actually saw the same type of hawk flying in the sky while walking near the lake too! That was completely exciting of course. :)

This was the view…

I can’t wait to take our kayak on this lake! There are white pelicans, herons, geese, eagles, and hawks in this park along with some precious little songbirds that we also got to see up close.

I really enjoyed this fun little excursion to the prairie. I live in such a beautiful place. I’m so thankful! Now I’m off to cook a chinese dish at Hannah’s special request. ;) She loves my orientally flavored dishes. Yay!

Tomorrow I’ll be spending time with the family I’ll be working with beginning monday. I’m looking forward to it, but I’m not sure what to expect. I’ll write about how it turns out tomorrow!

Is it just me or is my life filled with little adventures? :) Love it!

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