rain drops

Well todays adventure happened after I got home from work. I enjoyed my day at work, but it was pretty much baby, food, diapers, more baby, nap time, bottle, more food, more baby, nap time, home. :D I like Cedric. He’s a cutie and a fun little guy. The people at his new school are gonna have lots of fun with him! I will say that we enjoyed the front patio…

And the back yard…

Anyway, back to the adventure…

I decided to take the dogs for a walk when I got home. Hannah, my faithful dog walker, was at work all day today, so it was my turn to step up and provide an outing for the puppy part of the family. My goal was to meet Hannah on her way home from work because I knew she would be getting off soon and walking home. The dogs and I started out and made it about 4 blocks or less when it started to rain. It hadn’t looked like rain really….it was one of those storms that can blow up really fast in Colorado (especially in the afternoons). I wasn’t sure if it would keep raining (though I could hear thunder), so I decided to keep going. I knew Hannah would be walking home regardless, and it wasn’t raining too bad, so I hoped for the best!  As I kept walking though the thunder got louder and louder until I was sure the lightning was cracking right above me. I called Hannah, and since she and I were almost to one another, I took refuge under a tree because little tiny Bo was getting quite wet. He’s so little, he gets cold really easily, so I was feeling bad for him. Hannah joined us soon and we decided to brave the rain out of the desire to be home again. We had a good 10 blocks to get home, so I found a way to keep Bo warm…

Hannah and Corin enjoyed the adventure with me despite the rain…

And yes, I made them pose in the rain, and my phone got all wet. I couldn’t let the opportunity to chronicle an adventure pass me by!

Needless to say, despite the cold (mostly for Hannah because Bo kept me warm :P) and the rain and the incredibly loud thunder, we had grand fun getting caught in the rain. :) And the dogs had fun running around our apartment like crazy when we got home in an effort to dry off. :D

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