cloudy days

The sky has been cloudy the last couple of days. It’s a nice contrast to the usually sunny days in Colorado. The days are getting significantly cooler here, and the leaves are beginning to turn colors. I just love fall so much. It’s such a wonderful blessing from God. He has the most beautiful ideas. ;)

So today and tomorrow are my last days working with Cedric. My next job begins Monday if all goes well. It’s pretty awesome the way it worked out that I wouldn’t have any gaps in between the 2 jobs.

This new job if I take it (I have a different interview tomorrow, so who knows what will happen? :)), has 2 boys that are a little older than cedric, so I won’t have to see near as much of this as I usually do…

That stuff just really gets everywhere no matter how hard you try to keep it in the baby’s mouth. I actually had to clean it off the wall the other day.

Anyhow, back to the cloudy days….

Yesterday was fabulous. Well, the weather was fabulous at least. Small group was wonderful too, but I was exhausted all day and someone stole Lindsey’s bike, which put a big damper on the day and evening. I kept my spirits up during the day by taking pictures of my stroll through the park with cedric. It was so relaxing, and he enjoyed it as always. :)

This duck was entertaining me…I love birds :)

I love the landscape in this park!

I think pink and yellow are such pretty colors when they’re on the petals of a flower :)

I’m thankful I’ve gotten to enjoy this park while getting paid. ;D

I had to take a picture of the first fogged up window of the season. :) I was cooking something to take to small group last night and because it was so chilly, this happened…

Every colored leaf I see and every bit of cool I feel and every other little sign that fall and eventually winter is coming just thrills me. I even saw a scarecrow and carved pumpkin today….we’re planning a trip to an apple orchard on Wednesday!! Isn’t that just wonderful? :)

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