the zoo

Cooler weather has finally come to Denver. :) I get so excited about it. I go the weather channel online and look at the 10-day forecast and just have to grin because I get so excited when I see lows in the 40’s and highs in the 50’s on some days. We’re going horseback riding this weekend in Estes Park, and I know it’s going to be a special treat! I love fall so much. I love fall for what fall is, but I also love fall because I find it to be a season of anticipation for me. I anticipate the joys of the holiday season and winter, so it makes fall even more fun!

Anyhow, hope everyone is enjoying this season as much as me. :D

Yesterday Hannah and I went to the zoo. It was a FREE day, so we just had to go check it out. (We’d never been before yesterday) It was a lot of fun! I was constantly amazed by the creativity of God. I mean, have you ever thought about how many unique creatures He made? He is not a boring God. He is extremely creative and even fun I would say…. for example, a nose that’s long enough to act like an arm? That’s kinda funny when you think about it! I watched the elephants eating their hay, and it really struck me as funny that God made their noses so long. I would die if my nose was that long. I’m just sayin…

Both our cameras were dead but I used my trusty camera phone to snap a few pics of the days adventure :D I don’t know if I’d ever seen a wild dog in a zoo before, but I was struck by the coloring in their coats. I love dogs, so the wild dogs and hyenas and such fascinate me.

Got a picture of Hannah in front of her Giraffes! They were so cool! And there were 3 babies, which was really fun to see.

One of the babies was only a week old! Loved it! I had never seen this animal ever before… (ok, so I saw a cartoon version of it just this week on “go,diego, go” while drying to keep my little charge occupied as he had a fever of 102, but before that I’d never even heard of it!!) It’s called an Okapi…it was running all over the place!

Okapi’s are just plan cool, I gotta say…

We sat down for a few to take a break…(I’m so glad to have Hannah home again!)

And then we went and saw the elephants, which I was so fascinated by that I forgot to take a picture. :P Here’s Hannah posing by the exit sign though :D

We had lots of fun together. And we’ll definitely be going back in November for another free day.

On the job front, I worked this week with Cedric again because he was sick and couldn’t go to school. He was quite pitiful, but I felt thankful that God gave me the opportunity to love on Cedric and be helpful. I’m hoping that I don’t get sick and I’m chugging vitamin C! haha

I also accepted an offer from a new family this week, and I begin working with them on Friday. I’m really excited and so thankful that God provided another job so soon. My newest charges are a 1 year old boy named Ben and 5 year old girl named Ellie. I won’t see Ellie near as much because she’s in school all day, but I’m really excited about the dynamics of this new family because they seem set on treating me like another member of the family, and I find that fun and exciting. All in all, I’m really looking forward to this new adventure!

And with that I will end this particular post because Hannah and Corin are eager to go to the dog park. :P I’m off to enjoy this beautiful weather, my sister, and my dogs! I love my life :)


gotta love the random!

I love random things. I love it when something stands out to me as different and unusual. It often makes me laugh, so I love that life is full of random things cause it brings more joy into my life! Do you ever notice the random? I find random things that entertain almost every day. I love having a camera phone because I can just snap a quick picture of random things whenever they stand out to me.

First random pick…I discovered the world’s longest baby carrot in the bag the other day…

I was in wal-mart the other day (where I hardly ever go anymore because the only walmarts around here are outside of the city!), and I noticed these ridiculously hideous jeans for sale…

They are covered with bleach spots. I don’t know if I’m going crazy or what, but I always considered getting bleach on any piece of my clothing a terrible tragedy. I found it so annoying that they (the collective them) find this trend appealing enough to sell. What is the deal? Anyhow, I love QDoba tacos…

I climbed up into the dome of the capitol building the other day and this was the view of my beautiful city…

Beautiful huh? I love living here.

I found this strange little man among the dishes in a random gift shop in Estes Park. Tooootally random…haha

I mean, you gotta admit that is random….I would find it even more funny if I saw it someone’s house though. :D

Found this tree at Golden Gate State Park a few days ago. I guess it got distracted when it was trying to grow straight and tall…

I found this funny little treasure in Bass Pro Outdoor World. I’m sure you always wanted this for Christmas when you were a kid…

Haha…I mean really? Who thinks of these things! I guess the kid who sleeps in the camouflage crib I also saw at Bass Pro is the same kid who will love this toy. :) You have to admit you can’t get much more random then a realistic flip-up tail! But I thought these new “plumpies” were pretty random too.

A whole line of “plump” stuffed animals…some of them looked so strange I couldn’t even tell what it was! This was the plumpy kitty :P

So odd. :P

And to finish out this random blog post….Lindsey tried to stab a croûton in her Wendy’s salad the other day and Hannah decided to model the after-effect…

She’s a cutie, isn’t she? :D Reminds me of how much I miss her. She’ll be back from Texas on Tuesday!


Well, the Wiersma clan has officially left our city, and I have some time to sit down and write again. What a great visit it was! Definitely had its bittersweet moments knowing how short the time was we had with them and how hard it was going to be to say goodbye, but for the most part I tried not to think too much and had a wonderful time. It was such a blessing to see their faces and spend time altogether! Mom blessed us every single day with her fabulous cooking and even left our freezer stocked with goods for the future. :) That is so much her love language, and I definitely felt the love all week. We spent several days taking different trips up to some of our favorite places in the mountains, and I have so many precious pictures to share! I think I’ll facebook them since there are so many of them! It’s very quiet in the apartment now that they’re all gone (and hannah went with them for a few days, so it feels even emptier!). I keep praying and hoping that some day they’ll be out here with the 3 of us, and we’ll be able to visit together whenever we please! :)

I’m still looking for work to replace the job that ended so abruptly. I’ve had several really good leads, but nothing has worked out or felt quite right yet. I’ve still got several good possibilities, so I just have to keep waiting. I can’t wait until I’m settled with a family who will want long term as much as I do! :) Lindsey just got a full time job with benefits today at the Four Seasons Hotel, so that has been extremely exciting for us! Hannah is still working on somewhere where she can feel especially content and somewhere that is good for her hips! (After her surgery the hotel job just proved to be too difficult on her hip, but God used it to get Lindsey a job there instead, so it all works out!) I am enjoying this process just because God is so faithful even though things are hard. I’m learning a lot, and I feel like everything that is going on lately is really deepening me as a person.

One of the biggest blessings lately has been our new church. After a couple months of searching, we’ve found a church that Lindsey and I both love and feel comfortable in. We’ve started to make some friends through our small group, and their presence has been such a great encouragement to me! I can’t really describe what a blessing it’s been, but for the first time in a loooong time, I’m really enjoying church and the brothers and sisters in Christ that I encounter there. I feel like that’s been a long time coming, and I’m so thankful for it.

I have several awesome pictures to share that are completely random, but I’ve been saving them all up to post in one post about the laugh out loud, entertainingly random things that catch my eye on a daily basis. I might even start a “random item of the day” section to my posts because I have an eye for the random. ;D I will post an entire blog of “random things” tomorrow because I think I’ve filled this particular blog full enough. :) I’m off to celebrate Lindsey’s new job with a trip to the dog park, a delicious dinner I have planned, and some Argentine wine for after dinner. Can’t wait!