gotta love the random!

I love random things. I love it when something stands out to me as different and unusual. It often makes me laugh, so I love that life is full of random things cause it brings more joy into my life! Do you ever notice the random? I find random things that entertain almost every day. I love having a camera phone because I can just snap a quick picture of random things whenever they stand out to me.

First random pick…I discovered the world’s longest baby carrot in the bag the other day…

I was in wal-mart the other day (where I hardly ever go anymore because the only walmarts around here are outside of the city!), and I noticed these ridiculously hideous jeans for sale…

They are covered with bleach spots. I don’t know if I’m going crazy or what, but I always considered getting bleach on any piece of my clothing a terrible tragedy. I found it so annoying that they (the collective them) find this trend appealing enough to sell. What is the deal? Anyhow, I love QDoba tacos…

I climbed up into the dome of the capitol building the other day and this was the view of my beautiful city…

Beautiful huh? I love living here.

I found this strange little man among the dishes in a random gift shop in Estes Park. Tooootally random…haha

I mean, you gotta admit that is random….I would find it even more funny if I saw it someone’s house though. :D

Found this tree at Golden Gate State Park a few days ago. I guess it got distracted when it was trying to grow straight and tall…

I found this funny little treasure in Bass Pro Outdoor World. I’m sure you always wanted this for Christmas when you were a kid…

Haha…I mean really? Who thinks of these things! I guess the kid who sleeps in the camouflage crib I also saw at Bass Pro is the same kid who will love this toy. :) You have to admit you can’t get much more random then a realistic flip-up tail! But I thought these new “plumpies” were pretty random too.

A whole line of “plump” stuffed animals…some of them looked so strange I couldn’t even tell what it was! This was the plumpy kitty :P

So odd. :P

And to finish out this random blog post….Lindsey tried to stab a croûton in her Wendy’s salad the other day and Hannah decided to model the after-effect…

She’s a cutie, isn’t she? :D Reminds me of how much I miss her. She’ll be back from Texas on Tuesday!

2 thoughts on “gotta love the random!

  1. This is my favorite blog ever. hehe. I love reading each little thing you wrote about the pictures. I can’t wait to get home! :)

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