Have you ever looked in the events section of your newspaper? I’m astounded at the number of activities out there going on in my city from day to day. Some of the activities look like great adventures and totally random things to try out! So, I’m going to try to keep an eye on the Denver Post and see if we can find something crazy, unusual, and inspiring to do in my city.

As for today, none of the activities going on in my city appeal to me…are they all boring? Not a big deal? Maybe wait for the weekend? No, not really…in fact there is an artist doing improv painting in a gallery not too far from here, which I think would be delightful to see. (ever seen someone paint in front of other people? fascinating stuff!) But no, my lack of desire is completely because I’m sick.


Again? Yes….it happens a lot when you work with children. And I am feeling it today. I still came to work, and it’s been pitiful because my little charge and I don’t feel like doing much of anything. He’s got the same bug as me, so I have a fever and a horribly painful cough, and he just got steroid shots this morning, which has put him in a strange mood that I didn’t really expect. All he wants to do is lay down, or sleep, or lay down some more and make pitiful noises every once in a while. I would prefer to sleep as well, but that will have to wait until tonight. So I decided to google “what to do when you’re sick”, and my search turned up some pretty silly things. In’s Associated Content section, the writer suggests reading, writing, and whining like a baby. :P

Other suggestions on Yahoo! Answers involved baths, and calling friends, and making collages, and painting your nails, and again….milking it by requiring everyone to wait on you hand and foot. Good suggestions I suppose, but all I feel like doing is….sleeping and maybe some sleeping and, oh yeah, more sleeping.

One suggestion made me roll my eyes…”write a novel”…yeah! cause that’s an easy thing to do and everybody wants to sit down and write a novel when they feel like horse doodie, can’t stop coughing, and have snot running out of their noses like somebody turned on a faucet in their brains!

I’m just sayin…

I’m off to find some snack food for little BenBen, and then we’re just going to do next to nothing. Thank you very much.


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  1. Ok, this post made me giggle and giggle. I love your humor, and the random things you look up online. hehe. I love you dear, hope you feel better!

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