wind chilly and shoeboxes

It’s been very cold here in Denver the last few days. Yesterday we woke up to snow and some super cold hard wind. It’s always windy here in Denver….well, usually…heh….but when it gets very cold the wind becomes more then just wind, it becomes the dreaded “wind chill”. hehe I love how windy Denver is, but yes, the wind chill factor definitely makes the cold more freezing.

I listened to a Christmas CD at work yesterday. It was lovely. :) Lindsey and I got it at a Goodwill store near us for $2 a couple months ago. The CD is called A Crooner’s Christmas, so I got to enjoy the sounds of frank sinatra and bing crosby and several other great old crooners. Somehow christmas songs sound a little more magical sometimes when they’re being crooned. ;D

So, last night’s adventure was a trip to the Operation Christmas Child processing center here in Colorado.

Have you ever volunteered for this organization before? What fun! Lindsey and I drove out to the processing center and spent our evening inspecting shoe boxes full of goodies being sent around the world to children of all different ages for Christmas. What an exciting project to get to be a part of! The people who run this program are going for a goal of 8.2 million shoe boxes to collect and send overseas to children ages 2-14. And that doesn’t include the 5.6 million boxes they give out to children here in the U.S.!

I just love this ministry. (to check it out you can go here ) It’s so special to stand in an assembly line with other volunteers and sort through the boxes to make sure all the items are approved for children. While looking through the boxes, I got to think about how each child receiving those presents will squeal with joy when he or she opens the shoebox! That’s a pretty awesome thing to think about for hours. :D We all stopped and prayed over the boxes we were processing as well, which also found me sending up a plea to God that the children that receive the boxes will find Jesus and be blessed. All in all it was a fabulously fun little adventure to start the Christmas season in the right mindset. We have so much to be thankful for, and no matter who we are, we have SO much to give to others! Whether it’s time, money, our prayers, our presence….giving is the greatest thing about Christmas. :) I mean, hey, God started it!

So today and tomorrow I’m off of work, which gives me some time to do some more Christmas shopping and just enjoy some rest time! We’ve got some exciting little adventures planned this week! I get my haircut on Thursday (which considering how long it is, and the fact that it has no style, and hasn’t been cut in forever is an adventure for me :P) and Friday (and Saturday!) is the Parade of Lights in Denver!! On Sunday we’re trekking out to a nearby national forest to find and cut down a Christmas tree! Christmas fun doesn’t get much more adventurous than that in my book! :D

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