o Christmas tree

Well, we finally got the tree decorated as well as the entire rest of the house! Our apartment feels like a wonderfully festive space now. Last night we watched  a Charlie Brown Christmas while decorating the tree. Then we set up the nativity, strung up more lights over the fireplace and the sliding glass door in our dining area, and hung our stockings over the fireplace. Everything looks lovely. I’m kind of sad that we leave for Georgia in 2 weeks because I feel like Christmas will be over before I’m ready for it to be! For now, though, I’m just trying my best to soak up every moment.

How about this tree??

Our adventure in the forest cutting this down turned out to be a beautiful addition to our Christmas cheer at home.

I dreamed it was about to snow a lot here last night. I hope my dream comes true! There’s a chance we might get some on saturday, which would just be lovely of course.

On saturday Lindsey and I are planning an outing to see the newest Chronicles of Narnia movie, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. I’m excited! I love the Chronicles of Narnia. There are also so many fun festive activities that we could check out this weekend, but it’s definitely going to depend on my energy level after working thursday and friday. I hate to miss any special activity that could contribute to a really fun holiday season! For example, last week I said we were going to the Parade of Lights. But, because of being exhausted and having a lot on my mind, Lindsey and I just decided to stay home and watch the parade on TV. Oh the joys of broadcasting! :) Needless to say, I didn’t get to experience the parade the way I wanted to or take pictures or anything, but it was worth it, I suppose, to keep my sanity in tact. :P

I’m hoping this weekend will at least include a little more Christmas shopping, a really good movie, and maybe even a relaxing dinner out together. :)

For now, I’m just going to enjoy the rest of my day off, enjoy taking care of ben for the next two days, and soak up every evening I get to enjoy with Lindsey. :) Sometimes I think that just being really present in the day and the moment is a really great way of living a better story with my life. It’s something I’m really not good at, and something I intend to keep practicing!

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