Italy and The Present

I want to go to Italy some day. And Greece. I love the Travel Channel because I can see some of the places I want to go, so it makes it easier to picture myself in them.

Isn’t it true that if you picture yourself attaining the things you desire then you’re more likely to attain them? :D

Today I have the day off of work. (and tomorrow as well) It would be a lot nicer, I think, if I hadn’t had a long frustrating dream about work just before I woke up this morning. I dreamed that I fell asleep on my day off and woke up at work. I was so confused in the dream, and no one was happy that I had been sound asleep at work. Makes no sense at all! Somehow no one understood that I had no idea how I got to work in the dream. Ha!

Thankfully Lindsey gets off work at 1:30 today, which is only 3 hours away. We’re going grocery shopping, and I enjoy grocery shopping when we can go together. :) We’ve got the rest of the day to relax, and I’m thoroughly looking forward to it. I don’t feel like being by myself today. I am enjoying sitting by the Christmas tree though. I feel like this holiday season is rushing by. It always does, and it’s always a sad thing that it goes by so fast. Lindsey and I are celebrating our Christmas together this weekend and then we leave for Georgia next Thursday. We’ll spend 6 days in Georgia (3 with her family and 3 with mine), and then come back home to our dogs and our city. I know that we have many enjoyable moments still ahead of us to spend celebrating the holidays, but thinking about it right now just reminds me of how quickly it’s all going to be over! Thankfully we’re planning a vacation for sometime in January and a trip to see the Starnes family in February, so I’m reminding myself that I have so much to look forward to, but I still don’t like thinking about the end of things that I’ve been looking forward to. That’s the dilemma sometimes of planning wonderful things! At some point you have to think about the end of the wonder. I suppose that comforting one’s self with thoughts of new wonderful things can be helpful, but I think that embracing the “end”, finding peace despite the rushing by of time, and learning to be present in each moment instead of letting my mind constantly wander into the future can be and should be a skill set in which I become an expert.

I’m quite sure somewhere inside of me that being proficiently able to be present even in the “end” of a season will bring a richness to my life that I can’t know when I’m lost in the rush of time and thoughts about the ever approaching future. And that, my friends, is the goal of my heart and mind over the next 2 1/2 weeks. It is an adventure for my heart that I’m not sure how to measure, but I am sure it will be the beginning of a journey worth taking.

For now, the tree lights are glowing, their are some presents I can wrap, the dogs would like a walk, and even the sunshine is waiting to be enjoyed, so I will stop thinking about the future and give this “being present” thing a try.

Today is Tuesday. December 14th. (Happy Anniversary yesterday to my dear sister and brother-in-law!) It’s 61 degrees outside (warm, right?!). I can hear someone vacuuming the lobby outside our apartment. I feel hungry and a little sleepy and most of all, ready for this moment…

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