I’m sick. Been fighting it for several days and finally went home early from work yesterday with a fever in an effort to keep my “work” family from getting sick. My sisters are sick in Georgia as well, so I’m guessing I brought the germ home with me.

Speaking of Georgia….what an amazing time!! It was wonderful. We spent 3 days with Lindsey’s family in Bishop and 3 days with my family in Chatsworth. I wondered how it would be to do Christmas differently, and I was delighted to enjoy myself so much the whole time. I just loved everything we did and everyone we got to spend time with. We were delighted to get snow on Christmas Day as well! It was so much fun to enjoy the snow while being in Georgia. Having a white Christmas is such a treat. :) On Christmas day we were in Bishop with Lindsey’s family and after watching a movie we got up to see that everything was covered in white. We were all so excited! Thankfully it didn’t prevent us from getting to my family’s house the next day, and what a pretty drive through the snow it was! The next day we spent some time hiking in the snow with Dad and my sisters. It was just so beautiful, and we had so much fun altogether. I wasn’t prepared at all for snow, so all I had to wear on my feet were my rocketdog chucks. With Dad’s help I managed to slip through the ice and snow without falling once! That was a very big accomplishment as he (and his arm) can attest to. It was just so much fun and a great memory making time. We got some awesome pictures which I will now share… :D

Christmas morning at the Laneys…

We had so much fun. Most of the extended family came over on Christmas Eve and it was really special fun time. (We sure missed Corky a lot the whole weekend!)

We got a picture in the snow the morning that we left for Chatsworth…

And then it was sisters in the snow while Lindsey took a much needed nap!

here’s a pic from where we went hiking the next day…

Dad was at my side the whole time to keep me on my feet! :)


It was a wonderful trip. Wonderful time with family.

I’m glad to be home, though I miss everybody! It seems so odd that the holidays have come and gone and now we’re into the new year and the daily activities of life again. I’m not a big fan of January, but I’m trying to be positive about the season of change that always comes with the end of the holiday season and the beginning of a new year.

I didn’t make any new years resolutions. I didn’t really even celebrate new years. I just decided to think of it as another day, another opportunity to be alive and enjoy it. I’m getting used to the idea of a new year, and there are lots of things to look forward to.

Today I’m looking forward to feeling better and enjoying relaxing as much as I can. :) I have a lot to write about, and I’m determined to write as much as I can every day more and more. On that note,  Happy Friday!

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