funny girl

Ever seen that movie? I love the song “people who need people.” For some reason the idea isn’t really that popular if you think about it. The song says that “people who need people are the luckiest people in the world.” So many times it seems that being an island to one’s self is the more appealing “stronger” way to go. But, it’s so true that when I need another person and am truly vulnerable with the right person, then I really do feel like the luckiest person in the world!

Ever noticed that in your own life? Ever noticed how wonderful it is to need and then receive? I  firmly believe that God knows about all my needs and wants to fulfill them through creative and wonderful ways. Just believing that for my future gives me joy. I’ve spent such a large part of my life thus far feeling like God is the fun-stopper. Only in theory really, because I’ve been told He’s not that way. :) But I am truly beginning to believe in my heart that God knows my needs and wants to fulfill them. And much to my delight God has many different ways of fulfilling our needs than we might think!

In other news, I just love oranges. So deliciously good! I’m feeling a little better today which is lovely. Also, I need to take the Christmas tree down, but it’s just such a sad thing to do! However, it is looking rather droopy. Poor little tree. Tonight it’s supposed to start snowing and not stop until Monday. I’m looking forward to it, especially because Lindsey will be so excited, but I sure hope I can get to work ok on Monday. Everybody just keeps going and going here in Denver even when it snows. We could get up to 10 inches by Monday. Guess we’ll see!

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