finding community in the rain

The rain in spain stays mainly on the plains of Colorado evidently. It hasn’t rained this many days in a row here in CO since 1995. Ugh! The cold rainy days, day after day after day, are so draining! To add to the cold, our building turned off the heat to the entire building already. Which means that it’s freezing in our apartment and I can’t do much about it! I’ve spent a couple of nights lately bundled up in socks, pants, long sleeve t-shirt, and a hoodie with the hood pulled up over my head to get warm enough to sleep. Craziness!! I’m longing for the sun and for warmth. I can’t wait until the day when I can go out on our patio and sit in the sun and actually get warm!

This cold and rain is making each day feel like a hot soup-good book-never go outside kind of day, but life can’t be like that every day! I feel bad for Lindsey because she has to force herself to get to work every day even though the weather makes you want to stay in. Even the dogs are feeling it!

Bo has his sweater on of course because it’s freezing in here! Hum drum…such a gloomy day.

My remedy for this day? I slept till 11am, ate one of my favorite things for lunch (salmon and veggies), and hung out with my very good friend, Sapp. We talked, laughed, and played video games. Thanks for coming over, Sapp! Community is such an awesome thing to have! I am so thankful for how God uses community to show us His love and deepen our ability to do relationship. If you look up “community” in the dictionary, it all sounds very removed and formal. But community to me means learning how to trust, having fun, letting go of life’s stresses to just enjoy the comfortable presence of others, sharpening one another with deep conversations and sharing our stories, encouragement, truth, helping each other, saying the hard, good, and “building up” things, having fun and sharing life. I’m so thankful for my community!!

Have you appreciated your community today? :D

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