What do you want?

John 1:37 and 38
“When the two disciples heard him say this, they followed Jesus. Turning around Jesus saw them following and asked, “What do you want?”

I want to be me
A person of authenticity
A lover, a friend
A family member


I want to be kind
Gentle, truthful, graceful
Peaceful, wise

I want to be a selfless person
To be a great boundary setter
To be a safe place for others
Who consistently points to God
Points to love

I want to love
And to receive love
I want to be a vessel
Which pours out God’s unconditional love
On everyone around me
And accepts that love for myself

I want to make the most of every moment
To not be so hard on myself
To not lean on my own understanding of things
And constantly rest in the fact that I am saved by grace

I want to help when I’m needed
To open my mouth at the right time
And keep it closed when it needs to be

I want to be right sometimes
And be ok
I want to be wrong sometimes
And still be ok
I want room to doubt, wrestle, and question
And to always believe that God is bigger
And not afraid of my humanness

I want to live with purpose
To dream, to grow, to be
To affect and be affected

I want to soak in the truth of the Bible
To read it, to hear it, to run it through my mind

I want to learn, always learn
To be teachable
To see good change in myself and rejoice over it
To be gentle with myself

I want to be free
Free to feel
Free to know and not know
Free from my own judgmental thoughts
From guilt and bitterness
From the judgments of others

Free to live in the love of the Lord
Free from the pressures I put on myself
Free from the pressures other people put on me

I want to be governed by love, not fear
To love everyone for who they are
To trust that God is in charge of people
And their lives, and their hearts
I want to be the one who loves even when it costs
To be like Jesus more and more as long as God keeps me on the earth

I want to celebrate
I want to celebrate without anxiety
And truly embrace the joy of being thankful
To spend time being joyous over my life on birthdays
To revel in the wonder of Jesus birth
To get excited about new beginnings
To truly celebrate my relationship with Lindsey
And the church family that God has given me

I want to give
To give of my time, of our money, of my heart
To bless other people and the Lord
With my giving

I want to have fun
I want to be deep
I want all this and so much more
Most of all
I want to truly live
Because I truly am loved and love others

What do you want?

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