rainy day thoughts

I think I’m starving to death
There isn’t any food in this place
All I want is you

So many thoughts on my mind
It isn’t easy being the black one
And blue
You make it better

I’m exhausted
And the boys keep trying to get my attention
But I don’t want any
Anything but you

He is everything
I know His presence
I’m not afraid
I see His gift in you

I want to watch a love story
It makes me think of you
As if I need any help
With that particular thought

I don’t know how to write a love song
I can’t dance
I don’t need a big affair
Just a little glance from your eyes

And there isn’t enough time
In the evening
But there’s too much time
Until I see you

There’s a stupid song playing now
About pretty girls
And picking the right one
I don’t need any help there either

I got you
You got me
You can hold my hand
We’ll walk into forever

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