Last night I saw a movie that was one of those movies that resets your perspective in a very powerful way. It was about two Iranian women caught in a world I know very little about and can’t really even imagine experiencing firsthand. (You can check it out here ) I left the theater more aware then I was when I entered. Aware of how blessed I am to live in the country and city that I do, to have the church family that I have, to be privileged to the freedoms that I have, to know the Lord like I do, and to have a VOICE. Because, let’s be honest, I have a voice here in America….you have a voice…and even though we choose not to use that voice at times, we still have the freedom to use it, which is a lot more than most people in most countries around the world.

I will say that I don’t often think about the freedom and power that my own voice has. This movie changed that for me. In the movie the women aren’t allowed to have a free life….they have to marry when their told…they can’t love or marry the person they want….they can’t have different ideas….they can’t use their voices at all (and when they try, they suffer grave consequences). It was a sobering picture of a system to which many women are enslaved. I’ve always wanted to use my voice to make a difference in the world, but I’ve never thought so much about the privilege it is for me to have the freedom to use my voice. I have to face my own hardships for loving the person that I do, but I never thought about what it would be like if I could be thrown into jail for loving Lindsey. I love being analytic and thinking deeply and having ideas and making plans to affect the world (even just affect the people I come in contact with), but I don’t have to sit around fearing that those thoughts and ideas, hopes and dreams will get me beaten or imprisoned or even killed.

I am so thankful to have a loving, faithful, godly partner in life, but this movie also put into perspective how amazing it is to be with someone who loves me so much and would do anything for me. This really isn’t something to be taken for granted! I am not ashamed of that relationship. I am proud of it and incredibly thankful to God for it. What a gift! I realized while sitting in that movie that even though there are many people who don’t agree with my relationship, I will stand up and praise God for it because I know in my heart that it is an amazing gift from Him.

There’s something about watching someone else who is desperate for freedom and trying to fight for it. Not only does it make me want to fight along with them for their freedom, but it makes me want to fight for my own freedoms and claim with passion the freedoms I already have. Maybe this is just me, but I think and hope it’s true for a lot of us.

Are you fighting for your own freedom in some area? Keep fighting…even if it feels like it, you are not alone.

Are you aware of your freedoms today? Breathe in that freedom today!

Are you willing to fight for someone else’s freedom?

No really….are you?

Because it seems to me that freedom is meant to be spread. Jesus spread it. And I want to spend the rest of my life spreading it as well.

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