Do you work to bridge the gap?

Life is busy. Yes it is. November just started 8 days ago, but the whole month is full to the brim on my calendar. Busy! Thankfully Lindsey and I work really hard on scheduling and boundaries, so neither of us feel like we are going to lose our minds, and I get to create plenty of time to write. (I’m working on a novel, so this blog definitely hasn’t seen very much action but I’ll keep working on it!) We are very particular about what we schedule, and we are pretty darn intentional about each activity we enter into our calendar to make sure we are investing our time into things (and people) that build us up!

This past weekend was no different. We attended a symposium at our church called “The Evangelical Church and Homosexuality”. Our church is an amazing place with an amazing ethos that reflects the incredible love of God.

Married, divorced or single here,
it’s one family that mingles here.
Conservative or liberal here,
we’ve all gotta give a little here.
Big or small here,
there’s room for us all here.
Doubt or belief here,
we all can receive here.
Gay or straight here,
there’s no hate here
Woman or man here,
everyone can here.
Whatever your race here,
for all of us grace here.
In imitation of the ridiculous love Almighty God has for each of us and all of us,
let us live and love without labels.”

We say this together every week. I’ve experienced this attitude coming from the people at our church. The symposium our church hosted this past weekend was a continued effort to reach a group of people in our city and country who consistently feel rejected and condemned by the church and, therefore, a lot of times by God.

This years symposium was about “bridging the gap” between the church and the gay community. I am so amazed that our church is willing to partner with other people bridging the gap around the country and the world to bring God’s love to everyone regardless of the fact that homosexuality is such a highly debated topic. I love that our leaders have the humility to believe in the power of God and the unconditional nature of His grace. The symposium wasn’t about who is right and who is wrong, but about the value there is in constructive dialogue, telling our stories and listening to others stories, and focusing on the love of God.

I would say valuing those things is a pretty good use of my time! I had a moment this week in looking back on this weekend’s events where I felt very thankful to be part of something that specifically works to bridge the gap and bring God’s love to everyone. God’s love is so life-changing!

So, how do you bridge the gap?

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