It’s Monday Time

Today is Monday. Ah the lovely day after a full weekend where Lindsey has to go back to work, I get focused on schoolwork again, and we both face the week ahead. (I know…it’s weird when I’m sarcastic, huh?) It’s not my favorite day for sure. I will say that this Monday it was nice to get up and plug in the lights on the Christmas tree we joyfully decorated yesterday together. It’s a lovely tree, and it looks great in our apartment. We also strung lights over the fireplace and such and put up the nativity scene, so our apartment is quite festive. I’m also keeping in mind this Monday that in 2 weeks we will be a few short days away from Christmas and a trip to Lindsey’s parents for the holiday. Normally I would be stressing out, but God is bringing me through a lot, and I walked through a particularly large refining fire this weekend that seems to have burnt off my tendency to worry about the future. We all know that this tendency could return, but I feel today that those days will take care of themselves. Also, as Lindsey so gently reminds me a lot, we’ll take one day, one moment, one conversation at a time.


Since today is Monday, I’m going to mix it up a little and post a video that I saw this past week. It warmed my heart and made my sweet Lindsey get all teary-eyed. Love is such a miracle, such a blessing to witness, to experience, to give and to receive…



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