Stocking Eve

It’s “stocking eve” at our house today. We have a tradition where we have our own little Christmas celebration together, and we call it stocking eve and stocking day because Lindsey didn’t grow up getting a Christmas stocking on Christmas morning. It’s weird to think that it will actually be Christmas weekend next week. It’s also weird that it’s already been a year since last Christmas. So much has happened for us this year. So much. I think it will be fun to do a “year in review” entry, but we’ll wait a couple more weeks for that. :) For today I want to celebrate Friday by posting a link to a blog entry I found this week through a friend on facebook. It’s a good read, a powerful message and you can find it here…

Also a story posted in response to that entry ( ) is really awesome too!

Great stuff!

It’s also going to be great to head home in the next hour and enjoy our stocking eve and day and celebrating christmas together all weekend. We get to light the advent candle together at church on Sunday too! All in all it’s going to be a festive weekend, and I’m thoroughly looking forward to it. Merry Stocking Eve! :)

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