Christmas break began with snow

The day has come. I turned in my last paper. It’s officially Christmas break for my brain! To celebrate (it’s going to be funny to see how many time this word comes up in this entry) my completion of the semester it’s snowing softly outside. I wish my camera could truly capture the view out my window because it’s lovely. It’s a perfect day to begin Christmas break, and I really am ecstatic!

For mix-it-up Monday I decided to mix up the look of my blog! What an enjoyable way to spend the first couple hours of my school break changing the look of my blog, looking at pictures of our many fabulous adventures, thinking of new adventures that are just around the corner, and dreaming of possibilities. And, let me tell you, the possibilities are unending!

I can’t even begin to describe the dreams running around in my mind today. Dreaming is such a good practice, especially if one is consistently finding ways to make those dreams a reality. I can say with a joyful confidence that we are finding ways to make our dreams reality, and sometimes I just feel overwhelmingly thankful for my life because it feels like I am actually living a dream.

For example? New Years is typically a rotten holiday for me. I have a hard time enjoying it. I’m not a big fan of the unknown. Change is difficult, yes, but there is a large part of me that loves change, the different, not staying the same. It’s more the unknown that really gets to me. Somehow a new year seems like uncharted territory when in reality it’s just another day going by even if the calendar does change a little. Somehow all change that requires the “renaming” of something just feels like the unknown…new year…new age number….new relationships….the redefining of old relationships….the revealing of new information….It feels like too much for my brain to download, process, readjust to, rework my worldview around.

Because of this particular problem, I have had a notoriously difficult time truly celebrating anything. Birthdays, new years, births, weddings, the list goes on. I might be seen smiling and congratulating or raising my glass in a toast or whatever else might happen on said occasions, but inside I am cringing, sighing, and dreading.

It has been my goal to change this for some time. To learn how to celebrate. Birthdays have gotten better because Lindsey and I spend a week celebrating mine and hers, and because they are both in the same month, it really feels like a month long time to get used to and be thankful for another year of life. I think I’ve reached a turning point in my thinking though that could possibly help…

Celebrating something isn’t about celebrating the unknown. Celebrating something is about the moment. Celebrate means “to rejoice in”, ” to have special festivities to mark”, “to observe”.

To mark. I can do that! I can spend special moments marking a momentous occasion, a new year, an older age, a closed chapter in my life, a new possibility, a precious memory, a solemn event, a treasured occurrence, a special adventure. I can do that. The truth is that the future is in God’s hands…I may never even reach it…but marking something special by celebrating it in the moment is a great way of saying “Thank You, God! I’m truly living my dreams and believing in good things You want for my life!”
So this holiday season I will be embracing the adventure of truly celebrating, truly marking three really special things:
1) God with us (what a great opportunity for me to specifically dwell on the miracle of Jesus birth and the love that was brought to earth!)
2) My family (I have a large one…blood, adopted, and joined, and being with any of them is a wonderful occasion to celebrate!)
3) A New Year (One that I plan to mark the coming of with a super fun celebration involving laughter and love…a time remembering the power of dreaming and the wonder of unending possibilities)
I’m looking forward to “mixing up” more than just what I do this holiday season. I’m looking forward to practicing the art of celebration.
Are you?
—-Today’s little adventure(s): Finish my first semester at Ashford University; bundle up, safely navigate the snowy roads, and pick Lindsey up from work; prepare for the next 2 weeks of CELEBRATING!—-

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