Christmas break continues!

It’s Thursday, people. The last Thursday of year 2011.

So far this break has been pretty full. Too full to keep writing, but that will calm down after this weekend is over. Our trip to Georgia for Christmas was great. Lindsey and I went wedding dress shopping with Lindsey’s mom, sister, and Lindsey’s mom’s friend. It was nerve-wracking, special, beautiful, and productive as Linds and I both found our dresses for the big event. :) She made me cry. I made her cry. And the process was super fun. I’m excited about the day we get to wear them that’s coming in the new year!

The extended family came over on Christmas eve and it was quite a get together at the Laney’s. I am too quiet and introverted for that many people, but I enjoyed seeing everyone and feeling the love. They really are all so sweet and so loving toward Linds and I. It’s a huge blessing!

Lindsey and I went to a midnight Christmas Eve service at a local church after everyone had gone and things calmed down. It was beautiful. Such a quiet special time together. It was an adventure to go to a church we don’t attend, late at night, but it was exciting and there was candle light and we sang christmas hymns. My favorite part was the reading of the story of Jesus birth. It’s such a special story, such a unique story, and I love the part where the angel calls out peace for men. Peace indeed. And I felt it that night in a beautiful way.

Those moments with Lindsey spent celebrating the miracle of “God with us” together were my favorite of the whole trip and the whole Christmas weekend. I stood there and felt…

I am loved. I am known. I am chosen. I am free. I am surrendered. I am giving and receiving. I am full. I am safe. I am held. I am loved.

And that was enough.

So now we’re home again and getting ready to celebrate the coming of a new year. I have had a lot on my heart and mind and am just exhausted, but if I stop and remember that quiet night in Georgia and then the night that a light shone on the people stuck in shadow in the little person of Jesus Christ, it makes it a lot easier to take a deep breath and believe in all the good things I know are there.

I am loved. I am known. I am chosen. I am free. I am surrendered. I am giving and receiving. I am full. I am safe. I am held. I am loved.

—today’s little adventure (that is taking a lot of work): submission (maybe someday I’ll share that story….)—

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