Not what it seems

It snowed a lot here this past weekend. A lot! I enjoyed the weekend with Linds. Corin and I walked her home from work in the snow on friday and we took some pictures a long the way.

We sipped wine, soaked in the hot tub, watched lord of the rings, played lego video games, got stuck in the snow with the car on saturday, walked to meet people for lunch on sunday, and made it in and out of our deep rutted snowy alley way with the car in time to enjoy an incredible super bowl party (yay giants!).

With more snow showers and flurries forecasted for tonight, we’ll be wading through the snow, slush, and ice for a while. It’s interesting to walk Corin in the park right now because the snow is deep and packy, and I wiggle and tip and can’t keep my balance as I sink into the snow. Even though it might look firm on the top, it’s not what it seems.

I’ve been dealing with that same discovery in other areas of my life right now. It can be exhausting to walk in snow because you sink so much and have to work so hard to keep your balance. That’s how I feel emotionally. Change is never easy. Remaining true to myself and to who I know God made me to be and wants me to be isn’t easy either. Setting boundaries isn’t easy. Letting things go isn’t easy. Claiming the truth of how valuable I am in the face of the hurts of life isn’t easy.

I’m glad that God calls me to Himself constantly. That when I’m weary and heavy laden, He is the lifter of my head. That I am valuable and my life is filled with purpose because He says it is and not because I feel it. That He is always for me.

This week is going to be cold, and I might have more “walking in the snow” type moments, but I’m praying for and looking for a summer day moment or two or many this week in the light of my faithful Father God.

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