Now this is what I’m talking about!

I am thoroughly enjoying the class I’m taking right now. The instructor is on top of things and is actually taking the time to interact with us and teach us things! Imagine that. I’m hoping this trend continues as my first experience with the upper level courses at this university was less than satisfactory to say the least. Studying in this kind of environment absolutely fuels my passion for learning! I feel inspired by the works of literature that we’re covering, the different ideas and concepts being discussed in the classroom, and the thrill of acquiring knowledge about the world that I didn’t know before this class. Yes, yes, and yes. :)

In other news, I received a phone call yesterday about a blood test I had stating what should have been obvious to my previous doctor a whole year ago. I have an under-active thyroid. A year ago the doctor I was seeing just decided to ignore my symptoms and my low thyroid blood test results because one of the tests was too borderline for her. So I suffered through the symptoms for another year. Now that my blood test is reading significantly low thyroid, I’m finally going to begin taking thyroid supplement. My new doc says that I should be feeling significantly better after the meds kick in.

Is that possible? Is it possible that I could actually start having energy, stop having so many muscle pains, stop having a sluggish metabolism, stop the unending chill I’m under etc etc etc??

It could be a dream, people, but I’m thinking at almost 28 years old, I could have a new lease on life with the addition of a small little pill that contains thyroid supplement.

Just maybe :)

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