Happy Birthday!

I love my birthday. Since meeting Lindsey I have discovered the excitement of celebrating my birthday with her, and I’ve begun to enjoy the month of March more than ever. This year we started the weekend by enjoying a fun dinner with close friends and some dancing afterward (I love dancing, people!). On Saturday Lindsey took me to Hammond’s Candy Factory to see how they make their candy. I felt like I was having my own Charlie and the Chocolate Factory experience when we pulled up. :)

We got to take a tour and see the old fashioned machines and hand made techniques. They hand-make most of their candies!

It was really cool to check this place out!

The majority of the weekend we spent relaxing (I got to skype with my family!), watching movies, reading together, and eating yummy food. Lindsey made gluten-free sausage balls, chicken enchiliadas, and ordered a gluten-free cheese cake for me!

On Sunday she surprised me with a trip to a sip and paint place where we enjoyed a glass of wine and painted a forest landscape as the teacher demonstrated her version at the front of the class. It was a first for us, and we had so much fun doing it together!

It was a lovely birthday weekend, and I’m left sitting here on Monday feeling incredibly thankful for my life and the privilege of doing it with such a fun and loving partner. Thank you, Lord!

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