My quality moment today comes in the form of thanksgiving because I’m seriously tired and I don’t feel like participating in any of the things that I’m needed for today. Naturally, thankfulness is one of the only ways to change this kind of attitude. :)

Today I am thankful for…

Clouds (because the air conditioning is broken at work, and with less sun, it’s cooler in here)

Lindsey (she makes me giggle, she’s just so cute, and her precious texting during her lunch break made me smile today)

Babies (they really are cute little things…especially the one I work with)

Our new camera (I can’t wait to take pictures all weekend…this new SLR camera is opening a whole new world for me, and I’m incredibly excited)

School (it challenges me and stretches me in ways I wouldn’t be stretched if I wasn’t attending)

Home (this needs no explanation)

Thank you, Lord. Thank you for life, for things that make me smile, for getting me through even on tired days. May I bless your heart today.

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