there and back…again

What a whirlwind weekend we had in Georgia this past weekend! We drove through the little town in Georgia where we met and used to live, hung out with my brother in the Georgia mountains, spent time with Lindsey’s Grandmama, and did a whole lot of wedding celebrating with Lindsey’s sister, Allison, and friends and family. It was crazy and busy and fun.

And, wow, what a difference a camera makes. :)

The boys are glad to have us back home, and, after a couple of busy months centered around traveling, it’s nice to relax into the fact that for the next 3 months until our wedding, we’re just going to be home, working on stuff, resting, soaking up our summer. We have some great things planned! Baseball games, white water rafting, picnics and fireworks and fun. AND…we’ve got a whole 2 weeks blocked off to become completely immersed in the Summer Olympics! :D Can’t wait!

Traveling this past weekend helped to put several things in perspective for me.

First: Seeing where we used to live reminded me of how far we’ve come, how faithful and wonderful God is, how amazing it is to be where we are in life now. Our short drive through the town brought closure to some things and an incredible sense of joy and thankfulness. That place used to play a huge part in my life (and most of it was not pleasant), but now it has been laid to rest in my past. I can take the good things from it (and, man, seeing our old house was so good! All the wonderful memories together!), but I can also know that I’m not living the hard, hurtful parts anymore; I’m not held captive by those things; I am free to live, free to love, free to move forward, free to believe in God for good things and great purposes for my life.

And it’s awesome!!

Second: Lindsey and I make a really great team. No, it’s not the first time I’ve noticed, but watching our teamwork in action this past weekend was great for both of us. We navigated fairly smoothly through the entire weekend (literally and figuratively), and we stayed connected and encouraged each other and enjoyed ourselves! Only Lindsey and I really know the amount of challenges we had to face in the midst of all of this, and I came out of the weekend feeling even stronger and more grateful for our relationship and the many things we are constantly working on and learning about life and each other and how to live well.

This was serious quality over quantity living, people! :D

Third: God is just amazing. I know that, all the time, but I love it when circumstances in life just showcase Him in all His grandeur in my life.

What a blessing. :)

I’ll post some pics of our weekend in my next post!

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