I’ve been sick since Friday. It’s not fun at all. I still have a fever, sore throat, sinus issues, and low energy today. I’m pretty sure this bug needs to move on!

Thankfully I have most of the week off of work anyway! What a great time to rest. :)

I’ve been thinking about peace a lot these last few days, praying for peace, imagining a more peaceful me. Even the thought of peace makes me feel more peaceful. It’s easy to be a person who experiences only moments of peace every once in a while. After all, my world is a hectic, busy, complicated place (not all bad, mind you, but it does have its moments like any other). Peace seems like wishful thinking sometimes. But, I am praying for and focusing on surrendering my heart to peace, the peace that passes all understanding. Because I really truly want to be the most peace-filled person you’ve ever met.

Have you thought lately what having real peace and lots of it would like in your life?

Not the absence of difficulty or business or challenges, but the presence of peace in all of those things.

Lord, fill me to overflowing with peace!

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