Wedding bliss

It’s just a little over a month now until our wedding. I can’t believe it’s almost here! We’ve spent so much time working on this special event together. I’m beginning to realize that our wedding isn’t just about one weekend and one special evening together with our friends and family; it’s about this whole process that we’ve been through since we got engaged last year.

It’s about the times that we’ve spent planning, dreaming, getting excited.

It’s about our teamwork and discovering what a great team we make in this process.

It’s about listening, listening to each other’s dreams for this wedding and bringing them both together to create something that feels beautifully like “us.”

It’s about God’s strength. A lot of this process has been really difficult for me since I’m a real family girl and none of my family will come to our wedding. This has been a huge hardship for me, but it’s also been an amazing place in which we’ve seen God’s strength rise up in us. (And many blessings have rained down on us as God has gifted us with some amazing people who are excited to celebrate with us!)

It’s about building quality moments that we can treasure forever. Just beginning with the engagement memories and continuing with the many moments we’ve spent dreaming, planning, talking together as we address save the dates and invitations or getting excited when one of our decorations comes in the mail…it’s just been and continues to be an incredible catalyst for learning, growing, loving, and joy in our lives.

I can’t even wait for the actual event! I’m determined to remember all the wonderful things that have led us to that point, and spend a little bit of time rejoicing over all of them on that day. :)

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