What a difference a sunflower seed makes

So I’m on my 4th day of a Candida cleanse diet. You can check out what that means here (http://www.thecandidadiet.com/). This is not easy, people, but I’m doing it to increase the quality of my healthy. For years I’ve had a run down immune system, adrenal system, thyroid system, and, well, just a run down body! I was put on thyroid meds several months ago, and I’ve seen a huge improvement in the amount of energy I have on a day to do day basis.

You can’t ever imagine what a difference energy makes in living a life filled with quality unless you’ve experienced the day after day struggle of not wanting to move a lot. So thankful for thyroid replacement therapy!!

Anyhow, I’m still experiencing some bothersome symptoms (such as low blood sugar bouts and skin issues), and I continue to try as many different things as I can to help my body get to a healthier, less stressed out place. Enter the Candida cleanse diet! This diet is all about starving yeast populations out of the human system in order to improve it’s all around health and return the intestines to the right balance of good bacteria.

Basically this means I get no sugar, no starches, no dairy, no fruit. Nothing but meat, eggs, and a dang lot of green vegetables with some brown rice and quinoa on the side. Now, I’m already allergic to wheat and gluten, so this forces my diet to be pretty darn healthy. I don’t eat many carbs (or much “normal” food, since it all seems to contain wheat); my normal diet consists of a lot of protien, vegetables, and fruit with some brown rice and quinoa on the side. However, this diet has made my already “restrictive” diet look like an absolute cornucopia of deliciousness!! O.M.G.

Seriously, I know that the 3 weeks of torture (and I loooove vegetables, people, but eating celery sticks with a little almond butter spread on top for breakfast is taking it a bit far!) that I’m putting myself through is going to be worth it in the end if it can help my body function better. But wow….I miss so many foods right now that I could shed a tear! :P

It’s made me think about the fact that I really am determined to include health and wellness in my quality over quantity living. I’ve already come so far; if I could take a snapshot of myself and my health 5 plus years ago and put it next to the same shots from now, you’d be shocked! I’m seriously proud of myself! And being proud of one’s self is a quality feeling/state-of-mind to experience.

I’ve got to say that in the midst of this 3 weeks of what feels like completely depriving my body of things that it totally wants and probably needs…Sunflower seeds are making all the difference. I may wish I could be eating an apple right now, but instead I’m going to pop a couple of sunflower kernels into my mouth and suck on the husks until I get the tiny seed out 15 minutes later. No, it’s not a banana, but it sure keeps my mouth busy when I just can’t face life without bananas anymore. :D

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