Am I really doing it?


This Candida Cleanse is not fun, my friends. I cried every time I thought about potatoes last night. Yep, for real. I wasn’t meant to live on this little scope of allowed food items. It’s one of those things that requires a person to be really really committed in order to endure. (I guess I’m really really committed since I’m now on day 11!)

I suppose it’s that way with a lot of quality things in life. Sometimes it’s so easy to compromise or to say “I would love to do that” or “I need to do that,” but how many times are those things that one wants or needs to do so badly actually being done?

I want to be a healthy person. I really do. I’ve been working on it for over a year now. Am I really doing it?

I started by doing an elimination diet where I discovered I am allergic to wheat and gluten. That discovery drastically changed my life. After that I got my thyroid checked (again) because I was pretty sure it wasn’t functioning well. Turns out I was right, and now I’m on thyroid replacement meds. Those 2 changes in my life have increased my energy in amazing ways! I also don’t consistently have stomach problems like I did before I discovered my gluten allergy. (I think I’m doing it…)

Another big step was quitting smoking. I was so skinny when I smoked! And so much more anxious, sick more often, and in pain in my lungs constantly. Everything feels better without the weight of a smoking habit hanging around my neck. (I think this really is doing it…)

The next step was to add daily exercise to my life. Linds and I started walking 2 miles every night and strength training 3 times a week several months ago, and now daily exercise is just a habit for us, a habit we love now and couldn’t live without. I’ve been sleeping so much better for months since we started exercising every day, and we’re both physically seeing the side effects of our work. (Doing the healthy thing…really doing it…)

So now, here I am, doing this cleanse to create the best balance in my body that I can. It helps to look back on the steps I’ve taken to become the healthy person that I want to be. It helps me stay motivated and push through the difficulty of this cleanse. It’s so hard sometimes to set one’s life on a new track, but I’m determined! So determined.

Just naming the things that I’ve done to change already helps to feed my determination. I am passionately determined to fill my life with quality! I am passionately determined to be at peace and enjoy what it feels like to be in my body. If working my butt off to get through this cleanse will help me do that, then so be it!

I can do it; I am doing it. :)

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