And the madness continues!

Wow, a wedding is so much work!!

Add to that the fact that an old knee injury of mine has flared up so badly that I can’t walk around for more than an hour without severe pain. UGH. Ah well, I went to the chiropractor yesterday and he moved my shin bone back into place (as it had been pulled crooked by my IT Band) and informed me that I have ITB Syndrome, which comes from running. Hmmmm, given that I already have a weak knee, he didn’t seem to think that running should be my cardio of choice. He suggested I take up cycling instead. That could be a fun addition to my workouts, I think, but I also think I may have to get an elliptical machine so I can run with low impact.

Lovely timing for all of this right??

But, as if that wasn’t enough…Last Monday (not yesterday) Lindsey sliced the tip off her right index finger. Yep. It’s healing though! And I think she may be able to go without a bandaid on our wedding day! Also, Lindsey got a huge promotion, which sometimes seems to be leaving her mind somewhere in work world a great majority of the time. I finished my job nannying for the coolest little guy ever to begin working from home full time on my writing and art. AND we decided we needed a bigger place, found said bigger place (it’s a miracle!! can’t wait to show you all pictures!), and are busy de-clutter our current place so it can be shown for the next renter. Whaaaaat?

I’m serious; this really has all happened in the last 3 weeks.

It couldn’t be crazier right now, but I’m incredibly excited about everything wonderful going on. I really really really do think, though, that this honeymoon coming up is going to mean more to the two of us than anyone can imagine. :D

On Saturday we actually managed to spend some time relaxing by going with some sweet friends (really more like family) of ours to a Rockies Baseball game. Unfortunately the Rockies kinda (ok, totally) suck this year, but it sure was fun to get some non-wedding (or other stress) related time in!

It was so good to laugh! And I laughed a lot. :)

Some people might think we’re crazy for going to a ball game the weekend before our wedding (with all the other stuff going on in our lives as well), but we’ve got to keep the quality flowing in our lives, people! Even when it’s hard! Even when life tries to take those restful moments away from us. Quality time can still happen!!

In other news, I just CAN’T WAIT to show all of you the exciting new changes coming to A Better Story in October!! It’s gonna be some stellar fun!

I’m off to keep going on today’s to-do list. People start arriving tomorrow for the first day of our wedding week…tomorrow!!! Tomorrow people, tomorrow the festivities begin! It’s gonna be a crazy fun wonderful week, and I’m so glad it’s finally here. :)



I’m a little bit of a crazy bitch today.

Yes, it’s true.

Maybe we all should have known it was coming because several people have tried to tell me that all brides have their breakdowns at some point. However, I didn’t expect it to be like this.

I didn’t expect to want only sleep, sleep and more sleep, need the permission to break things whenever I want with no consequences, and discover the deep need to boycott TLC for their obsession with wedding shows.


Yeah. Anyway, I’m ready. In fact, I’m hoping I can make it through the next several days without turning into a werewolf/corpse bride.

Fingerprint Tree

Time keeps rushing on! I can officially say that my wedding is next week now. Eeek! It’s crazy, it’s awesome, it’s crazy awesome.

I’m working my butt off to try and finish all my work for my current class before next tuesday. After this class ends, I get two weeks off!! My first non-holiday break since July 2011. I can’t wait for a break and our honeymoon! I think I feel static electricity going through my skin just now thinking about it.   :P

Linds and I are trying to get our scrapbook done for the wedding. Here’s a pic of the fingerprint tree I drew for our guest book portion of the scrap book. We bought burgundy and orange ink for all our guests to leave their fingerprints in the form of little leaves on our tree….it’s going to be such a special way to remember everyone who supported us during this time!!


Won’t that look cool? I can’t wait! :D

Taking a break

2 weeks until our wedding now!

The wedding work is definitely taking its toll on us! We’ve been doing such a good job of planning and staying organized, but (as I’m sure is normal) we are feeling the pressure and exhaustion of planning all the details of such a big event! This past weekend we both desperately needed a break. Since we have the Rocky Mountains in our proverbial backyard, we decided to spend Sunday in Rocky Mountain National Park. It was so refreshing, beautiful, peaceful, and just what we needed. I took about 150 photos! That was heaven for me. :) Here are just a few!

It was so lovely! And, as you can see, we got quite close to a bull elk and several of his cows who were enjoying the river and foliage along our hiking trail. What a privilege!

The next two weeks are going to be crazy for blog writing (as this whole month seems to be!), but exciting changes are coming to “a better story” in October! Can’t wait to show you guys. :)

For today I’m going to focus on some more wedding day work that has to be done! Enjoy the pictures!!

Potatoes and shopping

This week one of the foods I’ve added back into my diet is potatoes. Wow, people, I freaking love potatoes!! I don’t know if I especially need potassium in my body or what, but I think that I missed potatoes and bananas (which won’t come till later) the most during the cleanse. Weird, huh?

Potatoes are a beautiful wonderful thing.

In other news we did some fall/winter wardrobe shopping at Goodwill’s 50 percent off sale this weekend, and man-oh-man did we score big (thank you Goodwill!).


Yeah that’s right! We know how to be fabulous!

Haha! But seriously, I am so excited about all the great mix and match pieces (and some with the tags still on!) and fantastic deals we got. Really, this is a true quality over quantity moment. I love shopping at places like Goodwill. I absolutely adore artistic expression through my style and clothing, and I love the process of researching ideas I like (check out my pinterest for some of my style ideas… and then going to several different stores to create the looks (all on a budget!). It’s incredibly fun for me, and I think it’s fun for Lindsey too. When we first met, she hated clothes shopping, but she gets super excited now! (I should say that I actually really hate shopping just to shop…but when I have ideas and a purpose to put some looks together, then it’s another story!).

It’s fun to try my best to be me, to be real. How I dress communicates that. How I shop communicates that. And that makes me happy. :)

Oh, and potatoes. Potatoes make me really happy.


I did it!

3 weeks of the Candida Cleanse diet, and I’m done! Done done done.

I actually ate strawberries and raspberries this morning in some hot cream of rice.

I love fruit! :D

I am so so proud of myself for accomplishing this cleanse. My body feels better; I have great energy; my skin and eyes appear clearer; I haven’t been having to take pills for indigestion every single day like I used to. It’s wonderful!

I’ll be adding back the foods that I haven’t been eating very gradually over the next couple weeks and staying on my candida cleanse supplements, but the worst part is most definitely over!

I’m really just so excited that I did it. :) It was super hard, and it’s a great thing to get through something hard and come out triumphant on the other side.

This cleanse has been incredibly inspiring for me in that I just feel so much more excited about living in a healthy body, about doing what I can to work with and for my body instead of against it (and not truly appreciating it!). I am more thankful for my body and more confident than ever before that I can live healthy in this body.

And that was worth the 3 weeks of hardcore restrictions!