I did it!

3 weeks of the Candida Cleanse diet, and I’m done! Done done done.

I actually ate strawberries and raspberries this morning in some hot cream of rice.

I love fruit! :D

I am so so proud of myself for accomplishing this cleanse. My body feels better; I have great energy; my skin and eyes appear clearer; I haven’t been having to take pills for indigestion every single day like I used to. It’s wonderful!

I’ll be adding back the foods that I haven’t been eating very gradually over the next couple weeks and staying on my candida cleanse supplements, but the worst part is most definitely over!

I’m really just so excited that I did it. :) It was super hard, and it’s a great thing to get through something hard and come out triumphant on the other side.

This cleanse has been incredibly inspiring for me in that I just feel so much more excited about living in a healthy body, about doing what I can to work with and for my body instead of against it (and not truly appreciating it!). I am more thankful for my body and more confident than ever before that I can live healthy in this body.

And that was worth the 3 weeks of hardcore restrictions!

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