Fingerprint Tree

Time keeps rushing on! I can officially say that my wedding is next week now. Eeek! It’s crazy, it’s awesome, it’s crazy awesome.

I’m working my butt off to try and finish all my work for my current class before next tuesday. After this class ends, I get two weeks off!! My first non-holiday break since July 2011. I can’t wait for a break and our honeymoon! I think I feel static electricity going through my skin just now thinking about it.   :P

Linds and I are trying to get our scrapbook done for the wedding. Here’s a pic of the fingerprint tree I drew for our guest book portion of the scrap book. We bought burgundy and orange ink for all our guests to leave their fingerprints in the form of little leaves on our tree….it’s going to be such a special way to remember everyone who supported us during this time!!


Won’t that look cool? I can’t wait! :D

2 thoughts on “Fingerprint Tree

    • Hey cupcakebride! I actually made ours so that it could fit in the book at the end of all the wedding festivities, but it will sit by the book during the reception. Best of both worlds! :D Good luck with yours! I just love this idea!

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