Fingerprint Tree

Time keeps rushing on! I can officially say that my wedding is next week now. Eeek! It’s crazy, it’s awesome, it’s crazy awesome.

I’m working my butt off to try and finish all my work for my current class before next tuesday. After this class ends, I get two weeks off!! My first non-holiday break since July 2011. I can’t wait for a break and our honeymoon! I think I feel static electricity going through my skin just now thinking about it. ¬† :P

Linds and I are trying to get our scrapbook done for the wedding. Here’s a pic of the fingerprint tree I drew for our guest book portion of the scrap book. We bought burgundy and orange ink for all our guests to leave their fingerprints in the form of little leaves on our tree….it’s going to be such a special way to remember everyone who supported us during this time!!


Won’t that look cool? I can’t wait! :D


Taking a break

2 weeks until our wedding now!

The wedding work is definitely taking its toll on us! We’ve been doing such a good job of planning and staying organized, but (as I’m sure is normal) we are feeling the pressure and exhaustion of planning all the details of such a big event! This past weekend we both desperately needed a break. Since we have the Rocky Mountains in our proverbial backyard, we decided to spend Sunday in Rocky Mountain National Park. It was so refreshing, beautiful, peaceful, and just what we needed. I took about 150 photos! That was heaven for me. :) Here are just a few!

It was so lovely! And, as you can see, we got quite close to a bull elk and several of his cows who were enjoying the river and foliage along our hiking trail. What a privilege!

The next two weeks are going to be crazy for blog writing (as this whole month seems to be!), but exciting changes are coming to “a better story” in October! Can’t wait to show you guys. :)

For today I’m going to focus on some more wedding day work that has to be done! Enjoy the pictures!!


I’ve been sick since Friday. It’s not fun at all. I still have a fever, sore throat, sinus issues, and low energy today. I’m pretty sure this bug needs to move on!

Thankfully I have most of the week off of work anyway! What a great time to rest. :)

I’ve been thinking about peace a lot these last few days, praying for peace, imagining a more peaceful me. Even the thought of peace makes me feel more peaceful. It’s easy to be a person who experiences only moments of peace every once in a while. After all, my world is a hectic, busy, complicated place (not all bad, mind you, but it does have its moments like any other). Peace seems like wishful thinking sometimes. But, I am praying for and focusing on surrendering my heart to peace, the peace that passes all understanding. Because I really truly want to be the most peace-filled person you’ve ever met.

Have you thought lately what having real peace and lots of it would like in your life?

Not the absence of difficulty or business or challenges, but the presence of peace in all of those things.

Lord, fill me to overflowing with peace!


My quality moment today comes in the form of thanksgiving because I’m seriously tired and I don’t feel like participating in any of the things that I’m needed for today. Naturally, thankfulness is one of the only ways to change this kind of attitude. :)

Today I am thankful for…

Clouds (because the air conditioning is broken at work, and with less sun, it’s cooler in here)

Lindsey (she makes me giggle, she’s just so cute, and her precious texting during her lunch break made me smile today)

Babies (they really are cute little things…especially the one I work with)

Our new camera (I can’t wait to take pictures all weekend…this new SLR camera is opening a whole new world for me, and I’m incredibly excited)

School (it challenges me and stretches me in ways I wouldn’t be stretched if I wasn’t attending)

Home (this needs no explanation)

Thank you, Lord. Thank you for life, for things that make me smile, for getting me through even on tired days. May I bless your heart today.


Spring is here. I’m loving it :) We had a spring snow storm last week, and I didn’t so much love that, but it only lasted one day, and the warm weather returned and the snow melted quickly.

Our adventures lately have included a lot of time outside, including an easter picnic yesterday.

Lovely, just lovely. :)


I am so incredibly thankful for my life.

This weekend was utter bliss. I took Lindsey away to the mountains for her birthday. What a treat! It’s been a little too long since the two of us enjoyed some alone time away. It was beyond restful, relaxing, and wonderful; it was just perfect. :)

I love the mountains. They are so steady, yet unpredictable. Beautiful. Majestic. Being in the mountains is like a soothing balm for my soul. Being with Lindsey in the mountains is even better. God is so good to us, and I am incredibly thankful today for the fact that, no matter what, we are incredibly blessed.

I am seriously busy with schoolwork as usual. Writing, writing, and more writing. I am thoroughly enjoying the process though, as my writing becomes more refined and my thinking more directed. I am learning so much in my life right now. Even though school will end at some point, I want this learning to never ever stop. The more I learn, the more I am open to new avenues and new desires for learning more!

It’s also spring cleaning time at our house. It’s been really fun to work together to clean our apartment and spruce it up a little. I’m loving the new pieces of furniture we’ve added and the de-cluttering we’ve done all around. It’s fabulous!

The boys don’t understand the spring cleaning aspect, but they are certainly enjoying our open windows and warm weather walks.

In other news, I had a ct scan done today of my abdomen. I am continuing the quest to get my body to a better place. We shall see if this helps solve the abdomen pain that’s been plaguing me for…well….a long time.

Linds and I are working every day on living a better story with our lives. It’s so incredible and the moments are so amazing that it’s hard most of the time to remember to write them down in here or in my journal. I think this is a good “hardship” for me to experience because it means that I am truly getting wrapped up in the experience of living. What a blessing that is. :)

I have so many thoughts and so many wonderful experiences to document though, so I really want to find the time to do it. The dynamics of the computer and blogging and technology are so interesting to me right now. I am incredibly thankful for my decision to quit facebook, and I’m in the process of learning how to relate to a technological world when I so desperately want just to live in the authenticity of the world in front of me. I haven’t figured this out yet. I haven’t found a balance or reconciled my real world experiences with the online world. I wonder if I ever will sometimes.

Most of all, I am aware that God is doing some very very important things in me that I want to pay close attention to. What that means to the blogging/internet side of world I haven’t quite figured out yet.