The big move is almost here! I am so ready. Yesterday I worked and worked and worked (for hooouurs!) till my muscles were aching, yet somehow I still felt like I didn’t do very much.

How does that happen?

In other news, we had our first snow here in Denver last night. I can’t wait to be out of downtown because I think the snow will be prettier outside of the city, but I did take some pictures today to document the year’s first snow. (Technically it snowed a little here Oct 6th, but Lindsey and I were in Florida, so it didn’t count for us!! :-P)

I just love the effect of snow on colorful leaves. It’s so dynamic!



Pumpkins and Peace

What do the Laney’s do when their house is full of boxes and there is always something else that could be done?

We go to a pumpkin farm, of course! And this isn’t just any old trip to a pumpkin farm, people. This is a treasured tradition in our family. Every year we go to a pumpkin farm, take lots and lots of pictures (naturally), pick out the perfect pumpkin or two, and then end the festivities with a trip to Starbucks for a tasty beverage.

There was no way we were going to skip this trip just because we’re about to move, all our stuff is packed, and everything is in a general state of craziness! So, we went, we took pictures, we selected a pumpkin for carving and some for decoration (which hopefully I can post sometime next week!), and we had fun together.

See? :)

Love! :)

Potatoes and shopping

This week one of the foods I’ve added back into my diet is potatoes. Wow, people, I freaking love potatoes!! I don’t know if I especially need potassium in my body or what, but I think that I missed potatoes and bananas (which won’t come till later) the most during the cleanse. Weird, huh?

Potatoes are a beautiful wonderful thing.

In other news we did some fall/winter wardrobe shopping at Goodwill’s 50 percent off sale this weekend, and man-oh-man did we score big (thank you Goodwill!).


Yeah that’s right! We know how to be fabulous!

Haha! But seriously, I am so excited about all the great mix and match pieces (and some with the tags still on!) and fantastic deals we got. Really, this is a true quality over quantity moment. I love shopping at places like Goodwill. I absolutely adore artistic expression through my style and clothing, and I love the process of researching ideas I like (check out my pinterest for some of my style ideas… and then going to several different stores to create the looks (all on a budget!). It’s incredibly fun for me, and I think it’s fun for Lindsey too. When we first met, she hated clothes shopping, but she gets super excited now! (I should say that I actually really hate shopping just to shop…but when I have ideas and a purpose to put some looks together, then it’s another story!).

It’s fun to try my best to be me, to be real. How I dress communicates that. How I shop communicates that. And that makes me happy. :)

Oh, and potatoes. Potatoes make me really happy.


A whisper; a hint

This morning I’ve got the windows open, and the breeze coming through the house is giving both Lindsey and I the fall crave. I am so excited!

I just love the fall season so very very much. That color that happens in a maple leaf….you know, the one that looks like the whole tree has been set on fire….it’s my very favorite color. I love the dynamics of fall–how it looks like everything is so much more dimensional than it was just a few weeks earlier. I love the smells that come with the falling leaves and cool air. I love the taste of coffee in a sweatshirt and jeans with cool air on my cheeks. Pumpkin farm and special Starbucks trips; apple cider; fall crafts and decorations making everything about our home seem more playful and excited; Halloween and corn mazes; Thanksgiving; looking around the corner at Christmas and snow. 

I’ve always said that August feels like a Thursday to me. It’s not quite the joy of Friday, knowing it’s finally the weekend, but it has a hint in it that some of my very favorite things are about to come. As we start to approach the end of August this amazing breeze is whispering just that….fall is coming, fall is coming! And it’s painting my face in smiles today. :)