Potatoes and shopping

This week one of the foods I’ve added back into my diet is potatoes. Wow, people, I freaking love potatoes!! I don’t know if I especially need potassium in my body or what, but I think that I missed potatoes and bananas (which won’t come till later) the most during the cleanse. Weird, huh?

Potatoes are a beautiful wonderful thing.

In other news we did some fall/winter wardrobe shopping at Goodwill’s 50 percent off sale this weekend, and man-oh-man did we score big (thank you Goodwill!).


Yeah that’s right! We know how to be fabulous!

Haha! But seriously, I am so excited about all the great mix and match pieces (and some with the tags still on!) and fantastic deals we got. Really, this is a true quality over quantity moment. I love shopping at places like Goodwill. I absolutely adore artistic expression through my style and clothing, and I love the process of researching ideas I like (check out my pinterest for some of my style ideas… http://pinterest.com/jusstephaniejoy/) and then going to several different stores to create the looks (all on a budget!). It’s incredibly fun for me, and I think it’s fun for Lindsey too. When we first met, she hated clothes shopping, but she gets super excited now! (I should say that I actually really hate shopping just to shop…but when I have ideas and a purpose to put some looks together, then it’s another story!).

It’s fun to try my best to be me, to be real. How I dress communicates that. How I shop communicates that. And that makes me happy. :)

Oh, and potatoes. Potatoes make me really happy.