Visiting home

I’m sitting in a Panera in Denver. In front of me are two women having a discussion that should be had at a doctor’s office. The one woman is going through a survey asking questions to the other woman about her urinating habits. I am not lying. What a strange place to have such a meeting! Just had to comment….

So, this week has been phenomenal. I have fallen in love with Denver over the past few days. What looked good in pictures and in articles, came to life in front of me this week, and I absolutely loved it.

We did so much calling of apartments, visiting apartments, driving around Denver, and discovering as many things as we could about our new home. It was a very productive time because we discovered a neighborhood that we absolutely love and an apartment we’re hoping and praying we’ll be able to lease in a few months. What a precious time we had! So full of excitement, challenges, dreaming, and grins. I surely am loving this part of the journey with my best friend. It’s been stressful at times, but we’re walking through everything with our hearts open before the Lord and trusting in His provision and plans. I’ve so enjoyed seeing the faith stretching that’s been taking places in both of us! It certainly isn’t easy, but it is incredibly rewarding.

I’ve missed my dogs a lot this week…especially as the week progressed. I can’t wait to have them out here in CO. They are going to absolutely love it! And, of course, I am going to absolutely love having them here.

When we get back home late tonight (technically early tomorrow morning), we will go home to spend the last night in our condo. So sad, but really, I’m so excited about and ready to be in our new home here in Denver that it makes it so much easier to let go of the old places I’ve loved and lived in. Tomorrow is moving day. We move into our temporary apartment in Dalton from our condo. It’ll be very interesting to adjust to this much smaller apartment for 3 months, but I keep telling myself it’s only 3 months until we’re back here in Denver to stay. That’s not long at all! I’m very much looking forward to that time. :)

Lindsey and I went into the mountains for my birthday on Wednesday. It was so gorgeous. I had such a special birthday celebration doing one of my favorite things with my best friend. We did some sight-seeing and some window shopping, some picture-taking and memory building. It was so beautiful and was really such a special birthday for me. Lindsey took me to Olive Garden later that night, and I ate one of the best dishes I’ve ever had at that restaurant. mmmmmMerlot, as well. :D I so love a good Merlot. Anyhow, I was too full to fit dessert, so we had my birthday dessert the next night. Chocolate eclair….oh so lovely. To top off the special activities to celebrate my birthday, we saw Alice in Wonderland, which was a perfectly delightful movie. (I do love fantasy movies and Johnny Depp!…the actress who played alice was wonderful to watch too)

All in all, it was a perfectly fabulous week filled with sunshine and new discoveries and new memories and excitement for the future. :)

We leave this afternoon to go back to Georgia. It’s terribly sad, but I’ll be so glad to see the puppies again. I’m so so thankful that I can’t wait to get back here. I wanted to fall in love with this place. No one can ever be sure of what will happen with these kinds of things really. But, I did fall in love with it, and I’m absolutely ecstatic that in 3 short months, I’ll get to call it home.

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