Today is a great day. Because…..

I completed another class, which means turning in another long research paper that I’ve been working on for weeks. I love feeling a sense of accomplishment after hard work. :)

I’m feeling a lot better today physically, and I can tell that my body is on the upswing from this candida detox. Woohoo! (I’ve only got 4 days left after today!)

My next class is a creative writing class. I am so so so excited!

After that class, I will have only four 5 week classes left until the END. My degree. Finished. Yes!

This week represents the beginning of September and the one month mark until our wedding. I can’t help but get super excited about that. :)

So all in all, this day has just been full of excitement and joy for me. I am rejoicing and being glad in it!

In other news….Linds and I are creating a scrapbook for our wedding in which we’ll have a fingerprint tree, so all of our guests can look at our story and add their fingerprint to our special memoir. Last night we were looking at some pictures from over 4 years ago from our first vacation together–visiting the town where I lived as a kid, Rockland, ME. Here’s a flashback for you all to enjoy!

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